At Texas ENT Specialists, we provide drug allergy testing to help prevent you from using drugs you may be allergic to. We will provide you with a proper diagnosis so you aren’t unnecessarily avoiding medication. We can test common medications such as penicillin, antibiotics, certain pain medication, and more. 

How Drug Allergy Testing Works

The first step in the drug allergy testing process will be an evaluation with one of our top-rated providers. During this meeting, they will discuss your medical history, the drugs or medications you are concerned with, and any known symptoms or reactions that you experience after taking the drug. 

Some patients come to us with suspected allergies, while others may not be as certain. Our staff can address both cases. This initial meeting will help your provider determine which type of testing will be most effective. We offer testing that includes a skin prick, patch testing, oral testing, and more, depending on your specific needs. These tests are done in-office with one of our providers. 

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Who Can Benefit from Drug Allergy Testing?

Although you may have been told to avoid a certain medication your whole life, you may not actually be allergic to it. This is a situation that does happen, which is unfortunate because it can stop patients from using medication that may be life-saving or that can increase their quality of life.

Others may be concerned about having an allergic reaction to a new medication they were prescribed. No matter what your allergy history may be, our specialists will ensure you’re using the best possible medication.

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Benefits of Drug Allergy Testing

  • Preventing an allergic reaction 
  • Providing new information on a previously diagnosed allergy
  • Confirmation of a suspected allergy 
  • Ability to use medication that you thought you were allergic to
  • A simple, effective in-office procedure
  • Multiple testing options are available

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Who Is a Candidate?

Anyone who takes medication and is concerned about their allergies is a good candidate for drug allergy testing or those who were previously diagnosed with a drug allergy and think that they may not actually be allergic to it.

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What is Testing Like?

Before drug allergy testing, you will meet with one of our providers. You will be asked to explain your concerns and allergy history. The provider will then select a testing method and perform it in the office. Some of the most common tests include:

Skin Testing

This may be done through a small needle prick or an injection. A drop of the medication is applied to an applicator and placed beneath the skin. The skin is then monitored for any bumps, redness, or itching. The size of the reaction will allow our providers to gauge your allergy.

Patch Testing

A small dose of the medication is placed in a chamber and adhered to the skin. This is kept in place for 48-72 hours to see if a reaction occurs. After the designated amount of time, you return to the office to have the patch removed and have the provider examine the area. This test is ideal for examining delayed allergic reactions to medications.

Oral Testing

Oral testing may be used after other testing has been performed. This test involves patients ingesting a small amount of the medication and gradually increasing their dose. This is repeated until there is a reaction, or until the provider is satisfied with the medication tolerance.

Other tests may also be performed depending on the nature of the medication and your specific allergies. After the tests are complete, your provider will determine your tolerance to the medication and provide you with alternatives if needed.

Drug Allergy Testing FAQ's

Which test method is right for me?

Our providers will determine this after they have met with you.

Is the testing performed in the office?

Yes, all testing is performed in our office; however, some tests may require more than one visit.

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