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We believe in helping patients achieve the best possible outcome at each visit. While this may be a goal of most practices, at Texas ENT Specialists, we have features that ensure we achieve it. This includes an unparalleled network of more than 30 board-certified otolaryngologists and ENTs in the Greater Houston area, a focus on one-on-one treatment, and a dedication to comprehensive care. 

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At Texas ENT Specialists, our ear, nose and throat doctors in the Greater Houston area work with patients to address all of their ENT concerns. We specialize in seven main areas of care: allergy, sinus, ear, audiology, voice and swallowing, head and neck, and sleep. Our goal is to help patients find long-term relief from the condition or symptoms impacting their daily lives.

Areas of Care:

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Allergies are a response from the immune system to something in our environment. This is usually seen as an overreaction to something that is often harmless. Allergies can come in several different forms including environmental, food, and medication. At Texas ENT Specialists, our ENT doctors provides allergy testing and treatment to stop allergies from getting in the way of daily life.

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The sinuses are hollow cavities found around the noses and eyes and help drain mucus. When the sinuses cannot drain properly, you can feel facial pressure or pain, congestion, loss of smell, runny nose, throat irritation, headaches, and more. It can also lead to sinus infections, which can be chronic. Texas ENT Specialists can help address all of your sinus concerns.

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Sleep is essential for ensuring we are ready for the day ahead. For patients with sleep disorders, a good night’s sleep can be difficult to achieve. Texas ENT Specialists can help patients diagnose their sleep troubles, and create a treatment plan that works for their specific needs.

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Audiology is the branch of medicine that deals with hearing. Hearing can fade, or be lost, due to age, underlying medical conditions, or injuries. Today there are more solutions for hearing loss than ever before. Texas ENT Specialists brings together a network of world-class audiologists to help patients find the right hearing loss solution and improve their hearing.

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Our ears help us hear and maintain our balance. Ear problems can affect patients of any age and impact our ability to communicate and function effectively. Our staff and ear doctors throughout South Houston can help test and diagnose ear conditions and help maintain the health of your ears.

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Head & Neck

The head and neck are home to glands that help regulate specific aspects of the body and play a key role in its functionality. These glands and the surrounding tissues can become infected, swollen, or even cancerous, leading to an imbalance within the body. Texas ENT Specialists work with patients to find the root of these problems and create a treatment plan to ensure we find long-term relief.

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Voice & Swallowing

We use our voices to help us communicate with the world around us. If the voice or vocal cords become impaired, it can make communicating difficult. At Texas ENT Specialists, our voice and swallowing team provides care for patients who have a vocal cord, larynx, upper airway, or other vocal disorders.

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Facial Plastic Surgery

Facial plastic surgery can be used for both cosmetic and functional enhancement, as well as a combination of both. Our expert surgeons can work with you to help refine or reshape areas of the face while also enhancing your facial functionality. Some of the most common procedures we offer at our practice include rhinoplasty, facelift, and brow lift.

Related Conditions:

  • Facial Skin Laxity
  • Drooping or Sagging Eyelids
  • Excess Facial Skin
  • Wrinkles of the Neck and Face
  • Uneven Nose
  • Oversized Ears
  • Undefined or Overdefined Chin
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