Sometimes called a “stuffy nose”, congestion can cause frequent frustration and discomfort because of mucus build-up and sinus pain throughout the day. While over-the-counter medications or at-home treatments can offer some relief, long-term congestion may require medical intervention. At Texas ENT Specialists, we help patients determine the cause of their congestion and provide treatments for long-term relief. 

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Congestion Treatment Options

If your congestion has lasted more than ten days or you experience little to no improvement with medication, our physicians at Texas ENT Specialist can offer you a wide range of treatment options to significantly improve your symptoms. Your treatment will depend on the cause of the congestion but may include:

Allergy Testing and Treatment

Environmental allergies can cause long-lasting congestion. By testing common allergens in your area, we can determine the source of your allergy. Our office offers Asensa™ Drops that can be customized to your unique allergies to help you find relief. We also offer allergy shots that can build your tolerance to local allergens and relieve symptoms. 

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Sinus Treatment Methods 

The cause of your congestion may be caused by frequently recurring sinus infections or chronic sinus conditions such as chronic sinusitis. Regardless of the cause, we can offer a wide array of treatments that can help, such as balloon sinuplasty (which treats chronic sinusitis) or formal sinus surgery. 

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How Congestion Works

Nasal congestion is caused by anything that causes irritation or inflammation to the nasal or sinus tissue lining called the “mucosa”. This is most commonly caused by infections such as the common cold viruses, bacteria, or fungus. Inflammation can also be caused by outdoor and indoor allergens and irritants. In most cases, congestion clears within a few days or once your illness has resolved.

For some patients, congestion may last longer and require an evaluation to find the cause. Congestion usually does not pose long-term health risks, but it is important to ensure the underlying condition has been determined.

Symptoms of Congestion

  • Runny nose
  • Stuffy nose
  • Sinus pain
  • Postnasal drainage
  • Mucus build-up
  • Smell loss
  • Sneezing

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Who Does Congestion Affect?

Congestion can affect patients of all ages and backgrounds. It is typically the result of a cold, flu, allergies, or sinus condition.

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Congestion FAQ

Can I use over-the-counter treatments for congestion?

Yes. Over-the-counter and at-home treatments help many patients find relief from congestion. Medication such as oral antihistamines and nasal spray can help most. These treatments will work best once you determine the cause of the congestion.

When should I see a doctor for congestion?

You should see a doctor if your congestion lasts longer than ten days, is accompanied by facial pain or headaches, or is associated with discolored nasal discharge and fever.

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