Saliva helps digest your food, keeps the mouth moist at all times, and keeps the teeth healthy. These masses can cause patients to experience muscle weakness in part of the face, difficulty swallowing, and a lump or swelling in the area. Although most salivary gland masses are benign, they can be cancerous, so it is important to have them evaluated and treated by a highly experienced provider. 

Salivary Gland Mass Treatment Options 

Surgery is the main form of treatment for salivary gland masses. Salivary gland surgery includes the complete or partial removal of the salivary glands, including the areas where there are masses. This surgery offers patients relief from the side effects of salivary gland masses and completely removes them. 

The portion of the gland with the mass is removed as well as some surrounding tissue, and the incision is closed. 

About Salivary Gland Masses

There are three pairs of main salivary glands: the parotid, sublingual, and submandibular glands. There are other more minor salivary glands in the lips, cheeks, mouth, and throat.

Masses can form in any of these glands, but are most commonly found in the parotid, which is the largest. The cause of the mass formation or salivary gland cancer is not known.

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Symptoms of Salivary Gland Masses

  • Difficulty swallowing
  • Facial muscle weakness
  • Pain in the area of the salivary glands
  • Facial numbness
  • Lump in the jaw, neck, or mouth
  • Swelling near the jaw, neck, or mouth

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Salivary Glands Masses FAQ's

Who Is at Risk?

The cause of salivary gland masses and cancer is not known. If you do begin to feel any symptoms, it’s important to have them evaluated. There are some factors that may put you at greater risk of developing masses, including:

  • Older age
  • Radiation treatments
  • Toxic exposure

How will I know if I have a salivary gland mass?

You may begin to feel some of the symptoms listed above. At Texas ENT Specialists, we offer testing to determine if you have salivary gland masses, and we are also able to remove them.

Are the masses cancerous?

Not all masses are cancerous; in fact, most are actually benign. It’s a possibility for the masses to be cancerous, but this is rare. Ultimately, this is why it’s very important to have the masses removed and tested.

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