What Ear Surgeries are Performed to Repair Structural Damage?

The surgical procedure varies depending on the circumstances of the tumor, which area it is in, its size, what damage has been done to the ear, and other factors. The following surgeries are commonly performed to restore hearing and repair the structure of the outer or middle ear.


Eardrum damage can be caused by trauma or chronic ear infections. Damage to the eardrum requires a tympanoplasty performed by a surgeon, which is performed via the ear canal, resulting in minimal scarring. During a tympanoplasty, a tissue graft is used. The graft can repair or fully replace the eardrum. The eardrum only needs full replacement if it has been significantly damaged. 

Ossicular chain reconstruction

This surgery addresses the ossicles, very small bones in the middle ear. Ossicular chain reconstruction is performed to reconstruct the eardrum and the ossicles, and reconnect the ossicular chain. During surgery, the eardrum is elevated. The ossicles are examined and one bone is removed, sculpted into the correct shape, and newly repositioned. In some cases, all three middle ear bones are replaced.


The stape is located in the middle ear, where it conducts sound. If the stape is not developed correctly (a common occurrence in the case of otosclerosis) or if the stape is damaged by hardening tissue, a stapedectomy surgery is required. This procedure replaces the stape with a prosthetic, repairing the hearing by allowing proper sound and vibration to be conducted through the ears.

Recovery After Ear Surgery

Ear surgery generally requires 2-3 months of recovery time after the procedure. There will be ear pain, headache, some dizziness, and a blocked sensation during the first few days after surgery. The stuffed up feeling lasts longer than the other side effect, but improves as your ear heals over the next two weeks. Your doctor will remove the gauze packing from the ear canal and gently clean the canal at the two week mark.This will greatly relieve the “full” sensation. Once the packing is removed, expect drainage of some amount of bloody fluid from your ear.

During the healing process, don’t get water in your ear, do not exercise or strain yourself by lifting anything, do not ride on a plane or scuba dive. Avoid particularly noisy areas as your ears will initially be more sensitive to sounds.

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Results After Ear Surgery

Some patients will notice an improvement in their hearing immediately after their surgery. However, it usually takes 2-4 weeks before patients notice a significant improvement in their hearing. Further improvements in your hearing may be noticed in the following two months. 

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Who is a Candidate for Outer and Middle Ear Surgery?

Patients with structural damage or malformations of the middle or outer ear are likely candidates for surgery. Candidates should meet the following requirements:

  • Are generally in good physical health
  • Do not have serious medical concerns
  • Have structrual damage caused by ear trauma or malformations of the outer or middle ear
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