Head & Neck Treatments at Texas ENT

Because of the way each piece of our body is connected, when one area is thrown out of balance, it can affect others. With the specialized knowledge of our providers at Texas ENT Specialists, we can work with patients to determine the cause of these issues within the head and neck, and determine the best course of treatment.

Why Choose Texas ENT Specialists?

At Texas ENT Specialists, our providers will work with you on every part of your journey to better health. From the first steps of evaluation and diagnosis to determining your customized treatment plan and surgery, we will be there with you every step of the way.

Our providers have a significant understanding of the complex glands found in the head and neck, including the thyroid, adenoids, and salivary glands, and how to treat them. During your time with us, we will ensure that you receive treatment uniquely tailored to your needs and lifestyle to make your experience as smooth and pleasant as possible.

Our Services

Our services for the head and neck include evaluations of surgical procedures to remove portions, or the entirety, of certain glands and tissues.

Endoscopic Inspection of the Throat & Voice Box

If you’ve begun to notice a change in your voice or difficulty when speaking, there may be issues with the throat or voice box. Using an endoscope (a tube with a small camera attached), our providers can get a clearer picture of what is occurring. 

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Thyroid Surgery 

The thyroid is a gland that is responsible for creating a hormone to control the speed of your metabolism. The thyroid can become overactive, underactive, become enlarged, or become infected by cancer. Surgically removing a portion of the entire gland can help regulate the thyroid and return the body to its normal metabolic state.

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Parathyroid Surgery 

The parathyroid is a gland that controls the production of calcium in the blood. When this gland becomes over- or under-active, it can require treatment. Patients with this condition can experience muscle weakness, kidney stones, and decreased alertness. Surgery can be performed to remove a part of the whole gland to stop this condition. 

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Salivary Gland Surgery

Salivary glands produce saliva, which makes the process of digesting food easier. Salivary gland surgery is performed due to tumors found in the salivary glands. The surgery is either performed as a total removal of the glands or partial removal.

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This procedure is performed to remove the tonsils, which are two pads of tissue located in the back of the throat. The treatment can be used to help stop repeated infections, as well as offer some relief to patients who have sleep apnea. 

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When the adenoid glands become chronically swollen they can cause breathing problems, ear infections, snoring, and even sleep apnea. Patients who experience these chronic infections can benefit from an adenoidectomy, which is the surgical removal of the adenoid glands.

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Head & Neck Cancer Evaluation & Surgery

Like other areas of the body, the areas of the head and neck can become infected with cancer. This includes the throat, tongue, voice box, and salivary glands. As with any form of cancer, early detection is vital for successful treatment outcomes. Our staff will run diagnostic tests to see if an area has become cancerous and to determine the stage of cancer.

If cancer is found, we will work with you to find a surgical treatment option. By removing the cells and tissues that have become cancerous, we can prevent the cancer from spreading any further — making treatment more manageable and more likely to be a success.

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Texas ENT Specialists is a comprehensive ENT provider that specializes in a wide range of services. Our offices have seven main areas of care which include allergies, sinus, head and neck, voice and swallowing, audiology, and sleep. Founded in 1997, our mission is to help patients throughout Houston find long-term relief from their symptoms. Today we have 15 offices across Houston and more than 30 skilled providers. If you are interested in an appointment with Texas ENT Specialists, contact us today.

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