A deviated nasal septum can make it more difficult to breathe through your nose, and in some cases can increase your risk for developing recurrent or chronic sinus infections. Our surgeons at Texas ENT Specialists perform septoplasty procedures to correct a deviated septum, allowing patients to breathe easier without the need for medications and or nasal sprays. 

Conditions Treated with Septoplasty

The primary condition treated with septoplasty is a deviated nasal septum. A deviated septum not only causes nasal congestion and obstruction, but in some can also lead to repeated sinus infection. Treatment can not only improve nasal breathing, but can also help snoring and management of sleep apnea. (Septoplasty does not treat or really improve sleep apnea based on studies, but can make compliance with CPAP, etc. improved.)

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Had one of the BEST experiences I had at a doctors office ever. The doctor looked at me as a human and not just another patient/number.  Not only did he check on my symptoms, but he saw that I had anxiety about the situation and he talked to me and really helped me in so many ways. He gave me a plan of action, set a follow up, and assured me that all was good!

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Benefits of Septoplasty 

  • Improved breathing: Patients will experience an improvement in their breathing functions, as the nasal airway and airflow will significantly increase.
  • Reduced sinus infections: Severe nasal septal deviations in the right location can contribute to poor ventilation and obstruction of the sinus drainage pathway. Septoplasty can help open the nasal airway and lead to improved mucociliary drainage.
  • Improved sleeping: By improving your breathing, your sleep can also improve. Septoplasty can help those who snore or suffer from sleep apnea.
  • Improved senses: In some individuals, a deviated septum can contribute to a decrease in sense of smell and taste. For these patients, septoplasty can help improve these senses. 

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Who Is a Candidate for Septoplasty?

Patients who have a deviated nasal septum are candidates for the procedure. Septal deviations come in different forms, and some may be more severe than others. No matter the level of deviation, we can help.

Your Septoplasty Experience

Before your surgery, your provider will examine the septum, discuss your symptoms, and evaluate if you are a good candidate for the surgery. If you are a candidate, the surgery can be scheduled. The anesthesia used will be discussed prior to surgery, as it may vary depending on your specific needs.

Your surgeon will correct the septum through incisions inside the nose, straightening it and ensuring proper function. Once this is complete, the incisions will be closed and you can begin your recovery at home.

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Septoplasty FAQ's

Can septoplasty be combined with cosmetic nose changes?

Yes. Our facial plastic surgery branch can correct both the septum and reshape your nose during the same surgery.

What anesthesia will be used?

This will depend on your specific needs during the procedure and the complexity of the surgery. Both local and general anesthesia will keep you comfortable during the procedure and ensure you are not in pain.

With 15 convenient locations across the greater Houston area, we’re never far away.

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