“Chronic” ear infections mean that they appear regularly or last three months or longer. These ear infections are often accompanied by pain, drainage, facial weakness, or hearing loss. Texas ENT Specialists offers surgical treatments to help stop this frustrating condition. 

Chronic Ear Infection Surgeries

There are a few different surgical options for treating chronic ear infections. The type of surgery used for your treatment will be determined after the provider examines your ears. Surgical options can include: 


This surgical procedure is typically performed when there is no infection or cancer within the ear bone. It is performed using a tissue graft to repair the eardrum and prevent infections. Typically hearing improvements occur 6-8 weeks after surgery. 

Bilateral Myringotomy and Tubes (BM-T)

This surgery uses small tubes that are inserted into the ears to drain out the fluid. A small opening is created and tubes are placed inside by the surgeon. Because this is an outpatient procedure, you’ll be able to go home and let the tubes do their work. They will eventually fall out on their own.


This surgery helps stop inner ear infections and repairs the eardrum. It can also be used to reverse hearing loss. This is an outpatient procedure in which a surgeon will create an incision behind the crease of the ear and use a graft to repair the eardrum.


This procedure allows the surgeon to clean out the mastoid — the bone behind the ear that connects with the middle ear. This can help prevent future infections and is performed using an incision behind the ear.


This surgery helps correct the ear canal when there has been significant damage. This procedure removes cartilage from the ear to enlarge the canal, allowing the canal to be cleaned more effectively.

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Conditions These Surgeries Can Help Treat

  • Chronic ear infections
  • Chronic ear pain or drainage 
  • Hearing loss

Benefits of Chronic Ear Infection Surgery:

Having chronic ear infections can take a toll on your overall health. It can lead to pain, ear pressure, fluid, difficulty sleeping, and hearing loss. Surgery can help stop these effects and repair hearing loss. 

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Who Is a Candidate?

Patients who have chronic ear infections are good candidates for these surgical procedures. Our physicians will examine your ears, discuss your history, and determine if you’re a candidate. If you’re not, we will recommend alternative treatments. 

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Your Ear Infection Surgery

Before your surgery, our providers will ensure that you’re an appropriate candidate and will recommend the specific type of surgery that is best for you. Your exact protocol throughout the process will depend on if your surgery is outpatient or inpatient. There is little to no downtime for most surgical ear procedures after the surgery, and you will begin to feel some relief right away. However, full results will not be achieved until after you’ve recovered.

Chronic Ear Infection FAQ's

How long is the recovery period?

This can vary depending on the specific ear surgery required. Some surgeries allow you to go home right away, while others may require an overnight stay and rest for a few days.

How do I know if I’m a candidate for a specific surgery?

Our providers at Texas ENT Specialists can help determine if you are a candidate for chronic ear infection surgery and which procedure would work best for you. Contact us to schedule a consultation with one of our providers.

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