The lymph nodes are found in many areas of the body, but the most common areas to find swollen lymph nodes are the armpits, beneath the chin, and the groin. Treatment for enlarged lymph nodes will vary based on the cause of the swelling. Our experts at Texas ENT Specialists will help find the cause of the swelling and provide treatment to help reduce it.

Swollen Lymph Node Treatments

Your treatment will be determined after finding out what is causing the swelling. Some treatments include antibiotics, immunotherapy, or other treatments. For infections caused by a bacteria infection antibiotics are used. This helps treat the infection as well as allow the lymph nodes to return to their normal size.

If your provider is concerned that an enlarged lymph node may be due to cancer, they may request a biopsy. This would allow them to remove a piece of the lymph node and have it analyzed to look for cancerous cells. If cancer is found, further treatment or surgery may be required.

How Lymph Nodes Become Enlarged

The lymph nodes are small groups of cells that filter the lymphatic fluid as it travels through your body. They help protect you from germs and infection. They are located in groups, each of which drains a certain area. When the lymph nodes themselves become infected, they swell and become enlarged.

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Symptoms of Enlarged Lymph Nodes

  • Tenderness in the lymph nodes
  • Pain in the lymph nodes
  • Swelling

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Enlarged Lymph Nodes FAQ's

Who do swollen lymph nodes affect?

In most cases, swollen lymph nodes are caused by infections such as the common cold, strep throat, ear infections, mononucleosis, and other types of infections.

How will I know the cause of a swollen lymph node?

The cause of a swollen lymph node is most commonly an infection. If you are also feeling symptoms such as a runny nose, sore throat, or fever, it points to an underlying infection. Our staff will determine the cause of swollen lymph nodes through a physical examination and testing if necessary.

Where are swollen lymph nodes found?

The lymph nodes are in groups across the body. The areas that are most commonly affected are the lymph nodes beneath the chin, in the armpits, and around the groin. When the lymph nodes are swollen, you’ll be able to feel a slightly hard mass in the area, and depending on the degree of swelling, you will also be able to see it.

Can anyone have swollen lymph nodes?

Yes, swollen lymph nodes can affect anyone.

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