Infections typically occur with illnesses that cause congestion and swelling of the nasal passages, throat, and Eustachian tubes. This could be a common cold, the flu, or allergies. An ear infection can cause pain in the ears, and fluid may begin to drain from them. Some infections can be treated with antibiotics, while others do not require any treatment. For some patients, ear infections may become chronic and need treatment. At Texas ENT Specialists, we can help you manage your symptoms and determine when treatment is necessary.

Ear Infection Treatment Options 

Antibiotics - If your ear infection is from bacteria, then an antibiotic can help. For those whose ear infections are caused by a virus, an antibiotic will not provide any relief, and therefore will not be prescribed. 

Ear tubes:

Ear tubes can be used in adults and children to prevent fluid build-up in the middle ear. A tiny hole is created in the eardrum during the procedure using a scalpel or a laser device. Any fluid in the ear is suctioned out, and the area is cleaned. The procedure can help patients who have regular fluid build-up or chronic ear infections. Ear tubes will naturally fall out after 4-18 months, and the hole will close on its own. 

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Surgical treatment:

Texas ENT Specialists provides several types of surgery for those who experience more severe chronic ear infections. These surgical procedures allow our providers to clean out the ears, re-build the internal structures, and repair the ears as needed to prevent infections from returning. During your appointment with our staff, we can see which surgical treatment will provide the best benefit to you. 

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About Ear Infections

Ear infections occur in the middle ear. This is the space behind the eardrum that air normally passes through and keeps clean and dry. The air comes from the Eustachian tube, which is a small passageway that connects the throat to the middle ear. When the Eustachian tube becomes blocked — such as during allergies or with a cold — the middle ear becomes warm and damp. This makes it an ideal area for germs and causes infection.

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Ear Infection Symptoms

  • Ear pain
  • Fullness in the ear
  • Muffled hearing 
  • Drainage 
  • Fever in children 

Who Can Get Ear Infections?

Anyone can experience ear infections, including infants and young children. An ear infection will typically coincide with another illness such as the flu, allergies, or a cold.

Ear Infections FAQ's

Do children get ear infections?

Yes. Children and even babies can have ear infections. The eustachian tube in children can experience difficulty staying open and thus increases a child’s risk of ear infection.

Can allergies cause ear infections?

Yes, this is a common side effect of allergies.

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