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Texas Facial Plastics is part of the Texas ENT Specialists family, and is committed to helping patients shape and refine their features and improve their functionality. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Kent Davis runs the facial plastic branch of our offices. If you are interested in a consultation with Dr. Davis, contact our office today.

Combining Refinement + Function

The nose is one of the hallmarks of ENT care. When certain nasal treatments call for surgery, it’s also an opportunity for patients to correct areas of the nose they have always wanted to change. Dr. Davis can effectively combine traditional rhinoplasty with sinus surgery or septoplasty. During sinus surgery, Dr. Davis is able to remove tissues or polyps that are blocking the sinuses. This can allow patients to breathe easier and stop chronic sinus infections.

The septum is the divider between the nostrils. In some patients, this area is crooked or has become crooked due to an injury. When this occurs, breathing can be difficult and surgical correction is necessary. By combining these surgeries, Dr. Davis can help correct breathing problems while also making cosmetic improvements to the size or shape of the nose. This accomplishes two goals at once, creates a shorter recovery time, and requires fewer office visits. 

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Why Choose Texas ENT Specialists?

Texas ENT Specialists and Texas Facial Plastic Surgery can offer patients the highest quality care for all of their concerns. Because ENT services and plastic surgery can overlap, we’ve made it easy for our patients to access both types of care, and we combine our services whenever possible. 

Facial Surgeries Performed By Dr. Davis

Dr. Davis is a skilled facial plastic surgeon who performs a wide range of facial procedures including facelift, brow lift, neck lift, and rhinoplasty. These procedures can turn back the clock on aging, allowing you to look and feel your best. Some of the most common procedures Dr. Davis performs are:

Facelifts, Neck Lifts, and Brow Lifts

These procedures pull back the skin, reposition it, and contour the underlying structures. This leaves patients looking more youthful by reducing wrinkles and removing sagging skin.


This is the surgical refinement of the nose. During surgery, Dr. Davis reshapes the nose to help create a better balance between your facial features. The surgery can change the shape of the nose, make the nose smaller, remove bumps or humps, and change the tip. 

Eyelid Surgery

This anti-aging procedure removes sagging excess skin above the eyes and reduces fat from beneath the lower eyelid. This surgery makes patients look more youthful and can even improve vision for those impaired by sagging lids.

Dr. Davis also performs other surgical procedures, as well as non-surgical cosmetic treatments. For more information, visit our website.

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