What is VivAer?

VivAer is a device designed to open and remodel the nasal airways. VivAer is a small, narrow, hand-held stylus that is applied gently into the nose, where it emits radiofrequency energy. This energy remodels the pathways and minimizes swelling and inflammation, which helps resolve the nasal obstruction.

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What is Nasal Obstruction?

Within the nasal passage is the nasal valve, which is made of three intricate parts:

  • Septum: The septum is the section of bone and tissue between the nostrils.
  • Turbinates: The turbinates are the internal tissues that warm, humidify, and direct the air you inhale that flows into your nose.
  • Lateral Wall: The lateral wall consists of the side tissues that form the outer walls of the nose.

Any of these structures can become enlarged or inflamed. This inflammation causes nasal airway obstruction, reducing airflow and inhibiting the passage of air through the nasal airways and into the body. The result is congestion, difficulty breathing, loud snoring, and other non-optimum conditions.

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VivAer Relieves Nasal Obstruction to Let you Breathe More Easily

When radiofrequency energy is gently applied with the VivAer device, the structures within the nasal passages are remodeled and inflammation is reduced, which opens up the airways and allows for better airflow. Improvement is immediately noticeable.

Benefits of VivAer

  • Easier, more open breathing
  • Reduced inflammation
  • Short, in-office treatment 
  • Minimally invasive, requiring no incisions
  • No downtime, and minimal recovery period
  • Safe, effective treatment
  • Clinically proven to provide results
  • No side effects
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Am I a Candidate for VivAer?

Minimally-invasive VivAer treatments are safe and effective for almost any patient suffering from chronic congestion and nasal obstruction that does not respond to medication or other treatments. Men or women who are experiencing the following concerns are likely ideal candidates for VivAer:

  • A chronically stuffy nose
  • Persistent nasal blockage 
  • Difficulty with breathing through the nose
  • Broken sleep or difficulty sleeping
  • Loud snoring 
  • Difficulty getting enough air during activities

What Happens During the VivAer Treatment?

Your treatment begins with a local anesthetic to numb the inside of your nose. Once the anesthetic takes effect, the VivAer device is gently inserted into the nostrils, one at a time. The device delivers controlled, low-temperature radiofrequency energy into the nasal valves, while the tip of the stylus is used to gently reshape the tissues. This creates more room inside your nose, which allows more air to flow inward and your breathing to be easier. 

In addition to opening up the airways, the VivAer device helps shrink swollen, inflamed turbinates, the internal tissues of your nose that humidify and direct inhaled air. 

Your treatment will last for no more than 15 minutes. During the procedure, you’ll feel a bit of pressure and possibly some discomfort, but you won’t experience pain.

Recovery and Results After Treatment

Your recovery period is relatively minimal, including mild congestion for about one week. You can return to your usual activities and routines immediately after your treatment, but expect some discomfort for 1-2 days and crusting of the treatment sites for several weeks. We will provide medicated ointment to help ease this effect.

Clinical studies show an overall patient satisfaction with results and a 94% response to VivAer treatments.

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