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Voice & Swallowing Treatments at Texas ENT

When the voice is impaired in some way, it can make life more challenging. Our voice and swallowing team at Texas ENT Specialists provides care for patients with disorders of the vocal cords, larynx, upper airway, and upper digestive tract. 

Our Philosophy

At Texas ENT Specialists, “Caring for the Voices of Texas” is not just a motto — it’s a passion we practice every single day. 

The voice is a representation of ourselves to the world. Voices convey depth, intention, meaning, and flavor to our words. Even mild hoarseness can rob us of our ability to communicate in the way we intend. 

A strong, healthy voice is a vital part of teaching, business, entertainment, service, and communication with loved ones. We work with patients to help find the cause of their vocal challenges or swallowing difficulties and work with them to achieve lasting improvements. 

Vocal Cord & Voice Examination

The first step before any treatment is proper testing and evaluation. If you’ve noticed changes in your voice or new difficulties when speaking, our experts at Texas ENT Specialists can perform a vocal cord and voice box examination. This is performed using a laryngoscope, a videostrobolaryngoscopy, or in some cases, a mirror.   These small scopes will allow the doctor to get a deeper view of your vocal cords. The videostrobolaryngoscopy uses a small camera at the tip to transmit images to a larger camera. By giving the provider an in-depth view of the area, they can properly assess and diagnose the difficulty, leading to the proper treatment. 

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Complicated Voice Disorders

Texas ENT Specialists specializes in treating complicated voice disorders. This includes laryngitis, vocal paresis, vocal paralysis, spasmodic dysphonia, muscle tension dysphonia, and more. Our staff will discuss your symptoms, perform a physical examination, and make treatment recommendations at your initial consultation. Your treatment may include medication, speech therapy, surgery, or a combination.

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Speech Therapy 

Speech therapy is a treatment for those who have difficulty speaking, forming words, stuttering, or receiving words from others. Working directly with one of our trained speech therapists, patients focus on the specific areas of speech they wish to improve in this highly customized treatment. Sessions can be done once or twice a week, or less frequently if needed. During the therapy, you will be given vocal exercises and activities to build your abilities. 

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Acid Reflux Testing

Acid reflux causes bile or acid to move up to the food pipe, and irritate the lining. This can cause symptoms such as burning pain in the chest, regurgitation, and stomach pain. Acid reflux testing can help determine if you have acid reflux and is often the first step towards treatment.  

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Swallowing Therapy 

Some patients may have difficulty swallowing. This can come at any stage of the swallowing process. Our providers work with patients to help make swallowing more manageable and improve safety while eating and drinking. This treatment will be tailored to the specific swallowing difficulties you have. You’ll be given exercises to help improve your swallowing abilities, and medication may also be recommended. 

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About Texas ENT Specialists

Texas ENT Specialists was founded in 1997 to provide patients throughout Houston with relief from their ENT conditions. Today we have 15 offices across four counties and over 30 providers in our network. Our providers have been board-certified and fellowship-trained, so you can rest assured that you are in excellent hands. Because we have a number of world-class providers and surgeons in-house, we can work with patients every step of the way. Contact Texas ENT Specialists to schedule your appointment. 

With 15 convenient locations across the greater Houston area, we’re never far away.

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