This therapy is performed by a licensed provider who will repeatedly work with you to help improve your speech abilities. During your treatment sessions, the provider will lead you in exercises to help train the muscles, breathe properly, and teach you how to use your voice better. 

How Speech Therapy Works

Speech therapy is a highly customized treatment in which a trained provider works closely with you to improve specific aspects of speech you may be struggling with. 

You will meet with the provider every week to improve your speech. At your first appointment, your provider will discuss the difficulties you’ve been experiencing and will then develop a treatment plan to address these concerns. 

At each subsequent meeting, your provider will guide you through exercises and training to help you improve more and more. This treatment is ideal for patients with any degree of speech difficulty, no matter how minor or severe. 

Conditions Treated with Speech Therapy

Speech therapy can help those who have difficulty with language or speaking. This could be due to speech conditions or the result of a neurological condition. Speech therapy can also help those with:

  • Articulation disorders: The inability to form proper words or sounds.
  • Fluency disorders: This affects the flow and speed of speech and can include effects such as stuttering.
  • Expressive disorders: These are disorders that affect the ability to convey information properly. Including difficulty forming sentences.
  • Receptive disorders: This refers to patients who have difficulty receiving and processing what those around them are saying. 
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Benefits of Speech-Language Therapy

Speech therapy offers patients many benefits. The primary benefit is an overall improvement in their speaking and language skills, which can help improve their quality of life. It can also offer:

  • Highly customized treatments
  • Care from highly-trained professionals
  • Improve ability to speak
  • Improve speech confidence

With 18 convenient locations across the greater Houston & San Antonio areas, we’re never far away.

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About Texas ENT Specialists 

Texas ENT Specialists offers specialized care for all ear, nose, and throat conditions. We have 15 convenient office locations across Texas. 

We have set ourselves apart by providing:

Personalized Treatment

We tailor all of our ENT services to meet your individual needs, leading to the best patient outcomes.

Top-Rated Physician Network

All of our locations are staffed with a team of top-rated physicians that can help with all of your ENT concerns.

Centers of Excellence

Our locations are equipped with the latest technology, provide comprehensive care, and work to deliver a seamless patient experience.

Continuity of Care

We aim to provide long-term relief through our comprehensive care philosophy and a strong network of highly trained providers.

Who Is a Candidate for Speech Therapy?

Candidates for speech therapy are those that have difficulty with speech or language. Speech therapy can also benefit those who have certain medical conditions. Our providers can help determine if you require speech therapy, and will create a customized treatment plan just for you. 

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Your Speech Therapy Treatment

During your initial appointment, our providers will have you discuss your difficulties with speech and share your medical history. This will help them to formulate a treatment regimen that will address your concerns. They will also let you know what your appointment schedule should be and how often you should return. During the sessions, your provider will walk you through specific exercises and activities to help strengthen your muscles and aid in speech. They may also provide you with exercises for you to do at home.

Speech Therapy FAQ's

Can children receive speech therapy?

Yes. It is not uncommon for children to require speech therapy. Speech therapy can help children pronounce words properly, correct a stutter, and communicate better. It can also be beneficial for children who have difficulty speaking or have trouble understanding communication from those around them.

Why should I choose Texas ENT Specialists?

Texas ENT Specialists has a network of highly trained providers who will work closely with you (or your child) to help improve speech. We have years of experience in treating speech conditions, and we provide all of our patients with fully customized treatments.

With 18 convenient locations across the greater Houston & San Antonio areas, we’re never far away.

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