How the Examination Works

When you arrive for your appointment, your provider will ask you to explain your symptoms and discuss your medical history. Depending on your symptoms, s/he may be able to complete the examination with the use of a mirror or a small flexible camera called a “flexible laryngoscope”. This small scope will allow the doctor to get a deeper view of your vocal cords and how they function.

What Conditions Can the Exam Find?

Using these examination techniques, our providers may be able to detect vocal cord nodules, vocal cord polyps, laryngitis, or ​cancer of the vocal cords. 

Benefits of Vocal Cord and Voice Examination

A vocal cord or voice examination is an essential step for the early detection of vocal cord abnormalities. It can help offer patients a clear understanding of what may be happening with their voice. The test can also be easily performed in one of our convenient office locations at the time of your initial consultation.

About Texas ENT Specialists

Texas ENT Specialists is one of Houston’s top providers of comprehensive ENT care. Our offices provide treatment for a wide range of ear, nose, and throat conditions, including those that affect the voice. We have 15 convenient locations across the Houston area to make your access to care as easy as possible. At Texas ENT Specialists, we aim to provide our patients with:

Personalized Treatment

We tailor each of our treatments to meet your specific needs, as we know that each patient is unique and believe their care should be unique, too.

Top-Rated Physician Network

Each of our 15 Houston office locations is staffed with highly-trained providers who have been fellowship-trained and are board-certified by independent organizations.

Centers of Excellence

Our locations are equipped with the most advanced technology to help our staff provide comprehensive care and a seamless patient experience from the moment you contact us to the moment you say goodbye.

Continuity of Care

We never provide short-term solutions only — we work hard to provide long-term relief for your pain or condition.

Who Is a Candidate for the Exam?

Patients who notice changes in their voice, hoarseness lasting longer than two weeks, pain when speaking, or difficulty swallowing or coughing may be candidates for the examination. During your visit to Texas ENT Specialists, our providers can determine if an examination is the correct procedure for you, or if there’s another option you may benefit from more. 

Your Examination Experience

The first step with Texas ENT Specialists is to have a discussion with a provider. When you meet with the provider for the first time, they will review your medical history, discuss your symptoms, and evaluate what your next step should be. If they believe an examination of the vocal cords is necessary, they will determine which testing method to use. The test uses a thin scope that is inserted ​through the nose and into the throat. This will allow the provider to closely see the vocal cords and look for signs of distress or abnormalities. 

Vocal Cord & Voice Examination FAQ

When should I get a vocal cord and voice exam?

You should get an examination when you start to experience symptoms that have not gone away, or are getting worse. Typically if hoarseness does not resolve after two weeks, you should get an examination. If you are experiencing severe pain or discomfort, you can request an urgent appointment.

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