The CPAP machine helps patients breathe easier by increasing the air pressure in the throat, which prevents the airway from collapsing. It can also benefit those who snore while sleeping. In the United States, a prescription from a doctor is required to purchase a CPAP machine. At Texas ENT Specialists, our providers can administer these prescriptions, help select the proper device, and monitor your CPAP use. 

CPAP Prescriptions 

While it may initially seem like a hassle to get a prescription for a CPAP machine, it is an excellent service for patients. Understanding what type of machine to purchase and the settings you require will help ensure a successful outcome and proper long-term use. When you visit Texas ENT Specialists for your CPAP consultation, our providers will do the following: 

  • Review your sleep apnea diagnosis, and help you understand which category you fall into. 
  • Help you select the proper CPAP machine for your unique needs.
  • Explain the mask options available to you, and help you select one.
  • Walk you through the settings of the machine, including helping select the correct pressure settings. 

By going through these steps with a trained provider, you’ll achieve a better understanding of your CPAP machine, which will lead to the best possible use and outcome. The prescription also helps patients receive reimbursement or assistance through their health insurance provider. 

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They have provided me with the best experience and treatment I have ever received from a medical professional. They are truly an expert in the field. From diagnosing, to surgery, to post opp. follow-ups and ongoing care they surpassed my expectation.

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Who Can Benefit from a CPAP Machine 

Patients who can benefit from a CPAP machine include those with sleep apnea and those who snore. Our services can also be helpful for those who need a new CPAP machine or would like a better understanding of how theirs works. 

Benefits of CPAP Prescription & Monitoring

The most significant benefit of a CPAP machine is better sleep for both you and your partner. You’ll be able to breathe easier while asleep and reduce snoring. It is an effective and non-surgical treatment for sleep apnea, and can also help those with heart disease to lower their blood pressure and reduce heart problems.

Who Is a Candidate for a CPAP Machine?

Patients who suffer from sleep apnea or severe snoring are candidates for a CPAP machine. During your appointment, our providers will discuss your symptoms and help decide if a CPAP is the best treatment option for you. They will also recommend other treatments as needed and provide sleep apnea testing. 

Sleep Disorder Self Assessment Quiz

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Your CPAP Experience

When you arrive at our office, your provider will determine if you require a CPAP machine. If so, they will give you a prescription. They will also walk you through your machine options and make recommendations, helping you with the settings and discussing maintenance.

After you have used your CPAP machine for a while, your provider can help monitor your results and ensure that nothing should be changed. You’ll begin to experience some relief right away while using the machine.

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CPAP Prescription & Monitoring FAQ's

Why do I need a prescription?

A prescription ensures you get the proper machine, that you fully understand it, and really require the use of one.

Can I just buy one online?

You should be cautious of those trying to sell a CPAP machine online. The products they offer may not be FDA-approved.

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