If ear disorders progress, they can lead to hearing loss, vertigo, or other complications. While some ear disorders are straightforward, others can be more complex to diagnose and treat. Texas ENT Specialists has a team of ENT experts who have years of experience treating complicated ear disorders. Our specialists will find the source of your ear problems and establish a treatment plan to achieve lasting relief. 

Complicated Ear Disorder Treatment

When you visit Texas ENT Specialists, our first step will be an evaluation of your ear condition. To ensure we understand the root cause of your symptoms, we will examine your ears and discuss your medical history and symptoms. We may perform some tests as well. Once all of this has been completed, we will discuss a treatment plan with you. Some of the most common treatments include:

Ear Tubes

Ear tubes can be used to help drain excess fluid from the ears. The procedure can be performed in our office in just 15-20 minutes using a local anesthetic. During the procedure, tubes are surgically placed in the eardrums. This creates an opening for air to pass through and fluid to drain. 

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Eardrum Repair

The eardrums can be ruptured due to loud blasts of noise, head trauma, or chronic ear infections. When the eardrum ruptures, it creates a hole or a tear which can lead to symptoms such as nausea, pain, and hearing loss. A surgeon can use a small graft from another area of the ear to repair these holes and tears.

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Chronic Ear Infection Surgery

For those with chronic ear infections, surgery can be performed to help stop the infections from returning. These surgeries can repair the ear bone, correct areas that have been damaged, and repair the eardrum, depending on your needs.

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Perforated Eardrum

When a perforated eardrum does not heal on its own, a surgery is required to repair the damage. A ruptured eardrum is treated with a surgery called tympanoplasty. During this procedure, a graft prepared from a tiny patch of your own tissue is used to close the hole in the eardrum.

Reconstruction of Middle Ear Bones

Also called ossicular chain reconstruction, middle ear surgery is performed to reconstruct the middle ear bones after they have been damaged to improve conductive hearing. The eardrum and hearing bones in the middle ear are reconstructed. In some cases, all three middle ear bones are replaced. 

Tumors of the Ear

Glomus tumors or acoustic neuromas are benign tumors that can negatively affect balance and hearing, These types of tumors are often removed with a surgical procedure. During the procedure, the tumor is removed through the middle ear or an incision in the skull.

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About Complicated Ear Disorders

Ear disorder can lead to difficulty with balance, hearing loss, and pain that impacts your daily life. Each area of the ear plays a significant role in the hearing process. When one area becomes damaged, it can impact the entire hearing function. 

Our providers use different types of tests to determine where the problem is located. This can include a balance test, a hearing test, CT imaging, and endoscopy if needed. An endoscopy uses a thin tube with a small camera on the end to give your provider a closer look at specific areas of the ear. 

Symptoms of Complicated Ear Disorders

  • Hearing loss
  • Ear pain 
  • Excess fluid in the ears
  • Loss of balance 
  • Repeated ear infections

Who Is Affected by Complicated Ear Disorders?

Complicated ear disorders can affect children and adults of any age. Those with chronic ear infections may be more at risk.

About Texas ENT Specialists

Texas ENT Specialists is a multi-location ENT provider in the Houston area. We have set ourselves apart by offering patients:

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Every treatment is customized to meet your specific needs.

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We believe in helping you achieve long-term relief from your symptoms.

Complicated Ear Disorders FAQ's

Is surgery the only treatment option?

Surgery is the primary method of treatment for complicated ear disorders. Once the provider has examined your ears and reviewed your condition, they will present you with all available options.

Do ear tubes require surgical removal?

In most cases, they do not. Typically, ear tubes fall out on their own after several months.

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