Treatments for Sinusitis

Sinusitis tends to be more common in the winter months when cold air and dry indoor conditions make it easier for viruses to thrive. For many, sinus infections can occur year-round. Staying hydrated and keeping your nasal passages moist will help to thin mucus and flush out irritants. Avoiding cigarette smoke and other pollutants will also help to reduce inflammation. For some individuals, treating it early with antibiotics or other medication can help to prevent it from becoming more severe and be a workable treatment. When other options have been exhausted and the sinusitis is recurring, many choose to undergo sinus surgery as part of their sinusitis treatment in Pearland.

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Why Consider Sinus Surgery for Chronic Sinusitis?

If you suffer from chronic sinusitis or nasal polyps, you know how difficult it can be to find lasting relief. Medications may provide some temporary respite, but all too often, the symptoms quickly return. If you are looking for a more permanent solution, surgery may be the answer. At Texas ENT Specialists, our surgeons are leaders in endoscopic sinus surgery (ESS). 

What Is the Procedure for Sinusitis Sinus Surgery?

  • This minimally invasive procedure is performed using a small endoscope connected to a camera and video tower. 
  • The endoscope provides high-definition images of the inside of your nose, allowing the surgeon to see exactly where to make incisions. 
  • This technique also eliminates the need for external incisions, which results in less pain and quicker healing times. 
  • In addition, ESS is highly effective in treating both chronic sinusitis and nasal polyps.

If you are tired of struggling with chronic congestion and other sinus symptoms, contact Texas ENT Specialists today to learn more about endoscopic sinus surgery. Our talented surgeons can provide you with the relief you need to finally live symptom-free.

Leading Sinusitis Specialists in Pearland

When it comes to sinusitis treatment, you want the best of the best. And that's exactly what you'll find at Texas ENT Specialists. Our team of experts have a combined 250 years of experience, are board certified by the American Board of Otolaryngology, and are fellowship trained. Our providers have the skills and knowledge to provide the best possible ENT care for our patients. Because we believe in individualized care, you can rest assured that we'll work with you to create a treatment plan that meets your unique needs. If you're struggling with sinusitis in the Pearland area, Texas ENT Specialists are here to help. 

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Sinusitis Treatment FAQ

How long is the recovery from sinusitis surgery?

Sinus surgery can be a very effective way to improve your quality of life if you suffer from chronic sinus problems. However, being patient and giving your body time to heal after the surgery is important. Sinus surgery is generally without complication and carries very little pain and discomfort. You will be asked to avoid strenuous activity while your sinuses heal.

How long after sinus surgery will I see improvement in my sinusitis?

Most people will experience some relief from their sinus symptoms within a week of surgery, with additional improvement occurring over the course of six weeks. For many, this is enough to significantly reduce the stuffiness, pain, and pressure in the face. They may find that their sense of smell improves and that they have less postnasal drip. It can take up to two months for the full benefits of the surgery to be felt. This may include recovery of the sense of smell and a reduction in postnasal drip.

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