Could Your Snoring Reveal Sleep Apnea Indications? 

Beyond making life a little more difficult for your spouse, snoring might unveil underlying health issues, such as sleep apnea—an ailment marked by periodic breathing disruptions at night. Your consultation with the otolaryngologist initiates with a comprehensive assessment of your nasal passages, mouth, throat, palate, and neck. In certain cases, a controlled sleep study might be arranged to assess the scope of your sleep apnea or other sleep issues.

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A New and Different, Revolutionary Method: The Inspire Procedure 

Working with a pioneering implant, the innovative Inspire system elevates sleep quality for those wrestling with sleep apnea. This adaptive solution can be activated for slumber and deactivated during wakeful hours, in accordance with your needs and lifestyle.

An Established Approach: CPAP Prescription and Proficiency 

Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) devices can wield transformational power for enhanced sleep, counteracting the repercussions of sleep apnea. In the United States, acquiring a CPAP machine mandates a prescription. However, our support transcends mere prescription issuance, unlike many other centers.

Within Texas ENT Specialists, our sleep specialists collaborate with you to guarantee a machine that will work with your needs. Moreover, we extend a lifetime of maintenance guidance, making it easy for you to optimally harness the advantages of your CPAP machine.

An Effective Treatment Choice: Sleep Apnea Surgery 

Sleep apnea surgeries accessible at Texas ENT Specialists widen air passages to enhance breathing. The suite of surgical options may encompass implantable devices fine-tuned to target sleep apnea symptoms, among other alternatives. Above all, your sleep doctor in Humble invests time to grasp your requirements and symptoms, ensuring your treatment approach aligns with your goals and lifestyle.

More Than Surgery: Lifestyle Changes Make a Difference 

Sleep troubles may be alleviated through simple lifestyle adjustments, in some cases. Your otolaryngologist and other sleep specialists might recommend changes in your sleeping position or raising the head of your bed, among other shifts. These minimally invasive remedies are always on the table—your doctor is your informed guide, dedicated to helping you make informed decisions.

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