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Welcome to the Texas ENT Family: Meet Your Ear Doctor

Are you experiencing chronic ear infections, dizziness, ringing in the ears or tinnitus, excess ear wax, or other common ENT issues? Texas ENT Specialists have a top-tier team of highly trained ear doctors in Katy, TX, audiologists, support staff and more to help you get solutions and feel better fast.

From childhood through adulthood and into older age, your ear doctors are here to maintain your hearing and ear health. Our top-rated physician network provides personalized, custom treatment for patients of all ages. See us for:

Ear Infections 

Ear infections can be very painful, and fluid may drain from the ears. While some infections should be treated with antibiotics, others do not require any treatment. 

When ear infections may become chronic, you may require need treatment ranging from medication to ear tubes to surgery. At Texas ENT Specialists, we can help you manage your symptoms and ensure you receive the right treatment for your specific case.

Tinnitus Treatment

If you hear ringing in the ears when no external noise is present, a condition called tinnitus, you’re not alone. This condition effects over 50 million Americans. At Texas ENT, we provide compassionate care and effective treatment solutions for our patients.

Wax Removal & Ear Hygiene

Cotton swabs should not go in your ears – anyone who has experienced the pain of a ruptured ear drum will attest to that. Even without injury, swabs often just push wax and debris deeper into the ear, leading to infections, hearing loss, and, yes, even eardrum rupture. Instead, see your Texas ENT Specialist ear doctor for regular ear cleanings and wax removal. 

Balance Testing

If you are exhibiting symptoms of a balance disorder, such as feeling unsteady, dizzy, or just off-balance while standing or walking, balance testing from your ear doctor is a good first step. This group of tests can help determine if you are suffering from a balance disorder and allow your ear doctor to offer treatments which may resolve your symptoms.

Dizziness and Vertigo

Dizziness may be caused by an underlying condition, including complicated ear disorders. It is imperative that you have recurring dizziness evaluated by a physician. Visit us at Texas ENT Specialists to allow the ear doctor to evaluate your dizziness and help treat the problem at the source. 

Outer & Middle Eardrum Surgery

Hearing loss and damage can be caused by trauma or structural malformation of the ear. At Texas ENT Specialists, we specialize in several surgeries that can help: the outer or middle ear can be surgically repaired with tympanoplasty (repair of a damaged or ruptured eardrum), ossicular chair reconstruction (replacing very small bones in the middle ear), stapedectomy (replacing part of the inner ear with a prosthetic), and more. 

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