How Our Pasadena Providers Perform Allergy Tests

It is crucial to ensure that there are no lingering medications in your body during testing, which is why we will begin this process with a control test. If you have an abnormal reaction, we will have to reschedule your test. If not, we can move forward by injecting you with small amounts of allergens and monitoring the test sites on your arms for a reaction. The process is relatively quick and only requires about 1 to 2 hours.

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How to Get Ready for Your Allergy Tests

Beta-blockers, such as those that are used to treat heart disease, high blood pressure, and glaucoma, must be stopped a week before testing. However, to ensure you can safely do so, you must talk to the prescribing doctor and inquire if you can temporarily switch to another class of medications. Once allergy testing is completed, you can resume your usual medications.

What Conditions Can I Detect with Allergy Testing

  • Allergies triggered by pollen
  • Allergies triggered by dust mites
  • Allergies triggered by elements in the environment

Benefits of Allergy Testing

  • You will have a definitive answer regarding the cause of your allergies
  • The test itself only takes a couple of hours
  • Your doctor can provide a more tailored treatment plan
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The Allergy Testing Timeline at Texas ENT Specialists in Pasadena

1 Week Before Testing

There are several medications that you must avoid, which will be provided on a list our team will email to you. These medications also include nasal sprays, herbal supplements, and over-the-counter medications. Reach out to our office for any questions you may have regarding this list or any other preparation details. We also ask that you inform us of any respiratory illnesses you have.

1 Day Before Testing

Allergy testing is typically administered on the arms, so if you have thick hair on these areas, you should shave in preparation for your appointment. Since shaving can sometimes result in skin irritation, avoid shaving on the morning of your test and, instead, plan to shave 12 hours before your appointment. Children or individuals with minimal body hair will not have to shave.

The Day of The Test

  • Shower on the morning of your appointment
  • Avoid any caffeinated beverages
  • Forego applying scented products to your body, such as perfume or cologne
  • Do not use tobacco products or smoke for at least four hours before your appointment

Once we begin testing, the process is very simple and only requires 1 to 2 hours. After we inject your arms with allergens, you will have to wait for the reactions. You can easily pass the time with an electronic tablet, a magazine, or a book.

Of course, we will need access to the areas where we plan to administer the injections, so be sure to wear something short-sleeved or loose-sleeved. If testing cannot be performed on your arms, wear loose-fitting shorts, so you can roll them up and expose your upper thighs.

We also test children for allergies, so if you are bringing in your child for an appointment and they have small arms, have them wear a pair of loose shorts.

Safety is of the utmost importance at Texas ENT Specialists in Pasadena, which is why we have every patient perform a pulmonary lung function test to screen for any conditions that may put you at risk throughout the allergy testing process. It would also be helpful if you informed your doctor if you have asthma or another lung condition.

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