The Allergy Test Process

To ensure that your results are accurate, we will perform a control test to see if your skin responds appropriately. If you still have any medications in your body, you will have an abnormal reaction, and must reschedule your test. If not, we will continue by injecting your arm with allergens and monitor the results. All in all, the process may take between 1 to 2 hours to complete.

Prepare for Your Allergy Testing Appointment

Patients who are currently taking beta blockers will have to talk to their prescribing doctor about temporarily stopping these medications or switching to a different class of medications for a week, until testing is complete. You should not stop your beta blockers until you are certain it is safe to do so. 

Conditions You Can Identify with Allergy Testing

  • Allergies caused by pollen
  • Allergies caused by dust mites
  • Allergies caused by other environmental factors

Know the Benefits of Allergy Testing

  • You will have some assurance regarding your allergies
  • It is a relatively fast and straightforward process
  • The results will help your doctor provide the best care for your needs

The Allergy Testing Timeline at Texas ENT Specialists in League City

1 Week Before Testing

There are many medications, including over-the-counter medications and supplements, you will have to avoid prior to testing. We will email you a list of medications you should not take and ask that you call our office if you have any concerns or questions. You should also contact a member of our team if you have a respiratory illness or a history of struggling with respiratory-related issues.

1 Day Before Testing

Since allergy testing is typically done on a patient’s arms, you should shave these areas if you have a significant amount of hair. That said, it is crucial that you avoid shaving on the morning of your test, which could result in skin irritation. Instead, try planning to shave about 12 hours before your test. If your body hair is minimal, there is no need to shave.

The Day of The Test

  • Do not consume any drinks that have caffeine
  • Take a shower in the morning
  • If you apply scented products, such as cologne or perfume, refrain from this on the day of your test
  • Four hours before your appointment, do not use any tobacco products

On the day of your test, your arms will be injected with allergens, and you will have to wait for your skin to react. Overall, this process can take a couple of hours to complete, so bring a book, an electronic tablet, or a magazine to read while you wait for the results of your allergy test.

We will need easy access to your skin, so you should plan to wear clothing that is either short-sleeved or loose-sleeved. In cases where allergy tests cannot be administered on a patient’s arms, it is advised that they wear loose shorts that can be rolled up past the upper thighs.

For young children or those with smaller arms, have them wear loose shorts or bring a pair for them to wear during testing.

The team at Texas ENT Specialists in League City seeks to ensure the safety of every patient, which is why we will also require you to perform a pulmonary lung function test to ensure testing will not jeopardize your health. Talk to your doctor if you use any inhaled medications or have any lung conditions.

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