Allergy Treatment Options at Texas ENT Specialists

There are many different kinds of allergies that exist. From inhalants, such as pollen and dust mites, to foods, such as peanuts and shellfish, a patient can potentially have a negative reaction to several allergens. To treat your allergies, it is crucial to identify the cause of your reaction, which may require testing. However, after successfully identifying the cause of your allergies, you can begin to treat them through methods that may either reduce your symptoms or give your body the tools it needs to build up tolerance.

Treatment Methods for Allergies 

In some cases, after the cause of a patient’s allergies is determined, it may be feasible to avoid the allergen altogether. For example, it is easier for patients to avoid food or medication allergies, but impractical for them to avoid environmental allergies, such as pollen.

Texas ENT Specialists in Sugar Land can provide many effective treatment methods, including:

Asensa Drops®

Asensa Drops® is an effective and efficient method that is used to treat both indoor and outdoor allergies. These sublingual allergy drops are tailored to treat the unique allergies in your area and are clinically proven to reduce allergies by addressing them at the source. Although this treatment is relatively new to the U.S., it is very common in Europe, and now you can benefit from it.

Allergy Shots

Also known as immunotherapy, allergy shots work by building up a patient’s tolerance to an allergen. Initially, you will receive an injection once a week for several months and the amount of allergen used in each dose will increase. As this method of treatment continues, your injections will become more infrequent, and the amount of allergen used will decrease as well. You will notice that your allergies will either improve or disappear entirely.

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What Sets Texas ENT Specialists Apart?

At Texas ENT Specialists in Sugar Land, we understand how disruptive and uncomfortable allergies can be. You can rely on our physicians to provide the care and treatment you need to address your allergy concerns whenever you visit any of our offices. Throughout the years, we have become known for providing exceptional services and are committed to meeting those expectations every time a patient walks through our doors.

When you turn to us, you can expect our team to listen to you, understand your needs, and create the best treatment plan for your symptoms. Let our providers help you achieve relief today!

Allergy Symptoms

Just as there are many different types of allergies, there is a vast range of symptoms one can suffer from. Some of the most common allergy symptoms include sneezing, runny nose, itchy throat, watery eyes, and coughing. Some of these symptoms can be severe and debilitating, which is why it is important to seek treatment. The team at Texas ENT Specialists will help you reclaim your life from allergies.

Allergy Testing

The cause of some allergies may be far more obvious than others, especially when the reaction is a bit milder and the allergen is less common. Since identifying the cause of your allergies is crucial for their treatment, an allergist in Sugar Land at Texas ENT Specialists can provide numerous allergy testing options, including:

Environmental Allergies

To determine if you have allergies to certain environmental elements, we will inject you with a small amount of the allergen and monitor your reaction. The test will include allergens like pet dander, mold, pollen, and dust.

Drug Allergies

If you are allergic to certain drugs, Texas ENT Specialists may conduct a vast array of testing, such as oral testing, a skin prick test, and more. These tests will help us assess which drugs you must avoid.

Food Allergies

We can also determine food allergies through a number of different tests, including blood tests or a simple elimination diet where you stop consuming certain foods.

Biologic Therapy

If your condition is caused by inflammation, such as asthma or chronic rhinosinusitis, biologic or biological therapy may be able to help. It targets certain areas of the immune system to prevent inflammation, providing patients relief.

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About Texas ENT Specialists in Sugar Land

At Texas ENT Specialists in Sugar Land, our experienced and compassionate team has a reputation for providing the highest quality care. Since we opened our doors in 1997, our team has been helping patients like you achieve relief from allergies. We now have 15 locations and built a physician network with more than 30 top-notch providers who are knowledgeable in ENT care. You do not have to suffer from allergies. Reach out to Texas ENT Specialists to learn more about your treatment options.

With 15 convenient locations across the greater Houston area, we’re never far away.

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