Are Your Allergies Controlling Your Life?

Environmental and seasonal allergies can be difficult to deal with. While some allergens are easy to avoid, substances like pollen and dust can be nearly impossible to stay away from entirely. This can be very limiting in your daily life. Do you avoid activities you love because they take place outside, or do you avoid the homes of friends or family because the dust or pet dander triggers your allergies? Allergy shots could give you back the freedom to take part in the activities of your choice. 

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Build Up a Natural Tolerance to Allergens

An allergic reaction is your immune system’s way of protecting you from a substance it considers a threat. While allergens are typically harmless, your immune system identifies them as foreign substances and produces antibodies against them. These antibodies cause allergy symptoms such as a stuffy or runny nose, itchy skin, coughing, sneezing, and swollen eyes. Allergy shots contain a small dose of a known allergen, such as pet dander or dust. This dose is gradually increased, allowing your immune system to build up a tolerance to it. This leads to lessened symptoms and a reduced need for oral medications. 

Are Allergy Shots Painful?

As allergy shots are administered subcutaneously (under the skin), the needles used are very short and thin. You shouldn’t feel any pain, and any discomfort will be very minimal. After you get a shot, you may notice some redness or swelling around the site of injection. This is a normal reaction to the allergen and will subside on its own. 

What are the Benefits?

When you get allergy shots, you are addressing the cause of your allergies, rather than merely treating their symptoms. The results are long-term, and you no longer need to avoid your allergy triggers, as your immune system learns to tolerate them better. Other benefits include:

  • Allergy shots have been shown to prevent new allergies from developing. 
  • They are more affordable in the long run. 
  • Effective in treating allergies, allergic asthma, and eczema in children. 
  • Can treat more than one allergy at once. 
  • Helps decrease your need for oral medications. 
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Will I Need Shots Every Week?

In the beginning of your treatment, you should expect to visit your local Texas ENT Specialists office once or twice a week. After a few months, this will decrease to just once a month or so. You should expect to continue getting monthly shots for about 3-5 years to achieve lasting relief and the best possible results.

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What Should I Know About Texas ENT Specialists?

Well known for our patient-centric care, we prioritize a collaboration between you and your doctor. We believe this is the best way to achieve long-term results. No matter your condition, diagnosis, or age, we are here to help you achieve relief with our board-certified professionals at 15 different locations throughout Texas. 

With 15 convenient locations across the greater Houston area, we’re never far away.

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