A Balloon Sinuplasty is a minimally invasive treatment that provides relief from conditions such as chronic sinus infections, headaches, and other symptoms related to sinus obstructions.

Chronic sinusitis comes with a range of unpleasant symptoms. An infection of the lining of the sinuses, the air-filled cavities near the nose. They produce mucus, which is one of nature’s systems to keep the body healthy. The mucus cleans bacteria and other debris from the air you breathe so it can be expelled from the body. Chronic sinusitis is when the tissues of the sinuses swell and become blocked with fluid, which can trigger bacteria growth and infections. 

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What is a Balloon Sinuplasty?

A Balloon Sinuplasty is an FDA-cleared technology. It involves placing a balloon catheter into the inflamed region of the sinuses, which is then inflated, followed by flushing the sinuses with saline fluid to remove blockages. The catheter balloon is then gently removed, leaving the sinuses open and cleared of excess fluid. A safe and effective treatment for chronic sinusitis, our Balloon Sinuplasty in Sugarland is one of the least invasive, most effective treatments for chronic sinuplasty. At Texas ENT Specialists, we perform this treatment to help our patients enjoy free breathing, and experience relief from the symptoms of chronic sinusitis.

What is a Balloon Sinuplasty Like to Experience?

This procedure is reasonably easy to experience and does not involve pain. A sensation of pressure is normal. It takes a short time to complete. Before the procedure, you will be sedated, but will be conscious and relaxed. An anesthetic spray is administered, and then local anesthetic on cotton pads will be placed inside the nose to numb the area. 

A tiny tube with a light (endoscope) is then inserted into the nostril, and a catheter containing the balloon guided into the affected area, which is then slowly and gently inflated to unblock the sinuses. It is then deflated, or the process may be repeated, based on your condition. During the procedure, you will be resting comfortably on a reclining treatment chair. Once complete, you are free to return home.

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Is a Balloon Sinuplasty Right For Me?

If you are struggling with any of these symptoms, a Balloon Sinuplasty in Sugarland could be the ideal approach, performed by a board-certified ear, nose, and throat specialist at Texas ENT Specialists:

  • A constantly stuffy nose.
  • Chronic nose congestion.
  • Facial pressure or pain.
  • Runny nose.
  • Loss of the sense of smell.
  • Regular sinus headaches.
  • Ear pain.
  • Aching in the jaw and upper teeth.
  • Sore throat, coughing, need to clear your throat.
  • Post-nasal drip.
  • Nasal discharge.

Why Choose Texas ENT Specialists for a Balloon Sinuplasty?

When treating conditions of the ear, nose, and throat, you want to ensure you are under the care of a board certified otolaryngologist, the official name for an ENT. At Texas ENT Specialists, we are proud to be a top-rated group of physicians with treatment centers equipped with the latest technology, and specialists familiar with most advanced techniques to treat chronic sinusitis, including the Balloon Sinuplasty. We focus on patient comfort and care and perform every procedure with precision and meticulous care.

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