Defeat Your Seasonal and Environmental Allergies

Do your allergies prevent you from taking part in certain activities? Some allergens are more difficult to avoid than others, and environmental allergies can have a significant impact on your quality of life. A pollen allergy might cause you to avoid going outside during the spring and summer. If you are allergic to pet dander, you might not be willing or able to visit friends or family members who have cats or dogs. Allergy shots in Spring train your immune system to tolerate allergens, so you don’t have to keep avoiding them.

Are Allergy Shots Effective?

When properly administered, allergy shots are extremely effective. They are ideal in treating environmental allergies such as pollen, dust, molds, feathers, insect venom, and pet dander. Allergy shots aren’t used to treat food allergies. You may be a suitable candidate for allergy shots if:

  • You suffer from seasonal allergies for more than three months a year.
  • Allergy medications don’t control your symptoms well. 
  • You would like to rely less on oral medications.
  • You have a hard time avoiding the substances that trigger allergic reactions.
  • You want to treat the cause of your allergies, not just their symptoms.

What Makes Allergy Shots Work?

Every allergy shot contains a small dose of something you are allergic to, such as pollen, dust, or mold. This tiny amount is not enough to trigger an allergic reaction, but it will elicit an immune response. As the dose of the allergen is increased, your immune system builds up a tolerance to it. This leads to decreased symptoms and a reduced need for medications. Allergy shots have also been shown to prevent new allergies from developing.

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What Will My Treatment Plan Look Like?

At Texas ENT Specialists, we personalize all treatment plans, with each plan designed to achieve the best possible results the individual condition and diagnosis. Your treatment plan will depend upon unique factors, but you should expect to get one or two shots per week in the beginning of your allergy shot treatment. Once you have reached the maximum dose of the allergen, the frequency of your shots will decrease until you are getting about one shot a month. You will continue to get monthly shots for about 3-5 years, depending on your individual treatment plan. 

Are Allergy Shots Suitable for Children?

Allergy shots are particularly effective in children. In addition to helping prevent further allergies from developing, they can be used to treat allergic asthma and eczema. We generally treat children 5 years or older, but this will depend upon your child’s individual condition and diagnosis. 

What Sets Texas ENT Specialists Apart?

At Texas ENT Specialists, you are our main priority. We believe that collaboration between you and your doctor is the key to a successful outcome. With 15 locations across Texas, we are ready to help you achieve lasting relief from your allergies. 

With 15 convenient locations across the greater Houston area, we’re never far away.

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