Your Appointment: Getting Fitted for Hearing Aids

Programming: First, your audiologist will perform a hearing test using proprietary software from your hearing aid manufacturer. Next, the doctor will program your hearing aids using the information gathered during testing to ensure your hearing aids will allow you to hear clearly in various listening situations.

Measurement: Now that your hearing aids are precisely programmed, your doctor will test their performance using Real Ear Measurement (REM), an objective testing process. They will also seek subjective feedback from you and your family. 

Education: We want your hearing aids to work well and keep working well, improving your hearing and your quality of life. To ensure that is possible, we take time to educate you about how to best care for and maintain your hearing aids.

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Hearing Loss Solutions For Your Unique Needs

Today, hearing aids often have optional additional features, helpful apps, and proprietary accessories to assist patients in meeting their hearing health goals. Options including directional microphones, wind noise reduction, and more may help you hear in difficult situations.

At Texas ENT, Your Hearing Aids Are Just the Beginning

At Texas ENT, we ensure you’re fitted with the right hearing aids for you, but we offer much more than just latest technology. We also offer comprehensive care for all of our patients, including follow-up visits for the life of your device. You can always rest assured that your hearing air doctor is there for you should your device ever need to be adjusted or replaced. Your purchase includes:

  • 30-day trial period
  • Hearing aid warranty
  • Fit verification
  • Warranty, including unlimited personalized care, cleaning, and adjustments for the life of your device

Staying Connected in the Bluetooth Age

Did you know that you can connect your hearing aids to your phone for hands free conversations, streaming your favorite podcasts, radio programs, or music, and even connect directly to your Bluetooth TV? The trained professionals at Texas ENT will ensure you get the most out of your hearing aids by teaching you how they can connect to your devices and even show you how to use your smartphone to make small adjustments to your settings for optimized hearing in every circumstance.

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Welcome the Texas ENT Family

Our audiology team is committed to delivering precisely programmed hearing aids that fit comfortably into your busy lifestyle. Wherever you are on your hearing health journey, we hope to meet you soon at our Katy, TX office.

With 15 convenient locations across the greater Houston area, we’re never far away.

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