What is a Balloon Sinuplasty? 

If you are one of the millions of people in the country who suffers from chronic sinusitis, a Balloon Sinuplasty in Spring may be the ideal treatment for you. This non-surgical, minimally invasive procedure involves expanding the blocked nasal passages with a catheter balloon, rather than surgically removing bone or tissue. The results are immediate, the recovery time minimal, and the procedure easy to experience.

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What Is the Procedure Like?

As a patient, you can expect a virtually painless treatment, and a fast, uneventful recovery when you have a Balloon Sinuplasty. The experience involves resting comfortably, with IV sedation, so you are relaxed and not anxious during this short treatment. Once the nasal passages are numbed with topical anesthesia, a very slim balloon catheter is inserted in the breathing passage, and the balloon in the device inflated to open the sinuses. 

Once expanded, the inside of the passage is fully rinsed to remove any remaining mucus or infected material. The balloon is then deflated and gently removed, and the procedure is complete, with the entire process taking about one hour. You are free to drive home following the treatment, except in the rare case that general anesthesia is necessary.

Am I a Candidate for a Balloon Sinuplasty?

If you are one of the millions of Americans who struggle with chronic sinusitis, a Balloon Sinuplasty could be life-changing. Imagine free breathing and real-world relief from regular bouts of painful sinusitis. Candidates are generally suffering with specific symptoms, including:

  • Four or more instances of sinusitis each year.
  • Sinusitis is not resolved with medications.
  • An earlier sinus surgery has not resolved the condition.
  • The symptoms of sinusitis are significantly affecting your quality of life.
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Symptoms of Chronic Sinusitis

Chronic sinusitis involves the sinuses within the nose and within the head are continually swollen and inflamed, even with medication. The swollen tissues affect natural nasal drainage. The symptoms include:

  • Runny nose
  • Constantly blocked or stuffy nasal passages
  • Painful swelling at the eyes, cheeks, nose, upper jaw, and forehead
  • Ear pain
  • Frequent sinus headaches
  • Sore throat
  • Bad breath
  • Ongoing fatigue
  • Reduced ability to smell and taste

What Is the Recovery Time?

You can expect almost no recovery time and feeling back to normal (with your breathing resolved) within 24 to 48 hours, although every person is slightly different. You should feel little discomfort or need any prescription pain medication. Any minor discomfort can be treated with over-the-counter medication. Feel free to return to work or other activities but avoid strenuous physical activities until our specialist gives you permission. Sleep with your head elevated for a day or two. The recovery is fast and comfortable.

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Acute Sinusitis vs Chronic Sinusitis

Acute sinusitis is when you contract a cold, and your sinuses are plugged. Chronic sinusitis is when this condition lasts more than 12 weeks. A series of acute sinusitis attacks could result in chronic sinusitis.

If you are experiencing this condition, and medicationis not resolving it, you may need a more thorough, effective treatment, and a Balloon Sinuplasty in Spring may be the ideal treatment to bring you relief for the long term.

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