Back To School: A Recipe For Illness

School is just around the corner and a new school year means the exciting start of making new friends and memories. Unfortunately for many people it also marks the beginning of cold and allergy season. Elementary-aged children catch around 12 colds per year, with older children c...

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Child blowing their nose with tissue.

Why Is My Child’s Nose Always Runny?

Chronic rhinorrhea is the medical term for “constant runny nose”. This is very common in kids, but there is a wide array of causes from the very common to the very unusual. What is “Rhinorrhea”? “Rhinorrhea” simply means that there is fluid dra...

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A Doctor’s Mission Abroad

The old adage goes, “Do what you love, and you will never work a day in your life.” It is everyone’s childhood dream to be able to make one’s passion one’s profession. Dr. Joel Anthis, who sees patients in our Katy Memorial and Katy Methodist offices...

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Rodeo Time Means Livestock Allergies

The Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo is back in town and with it, major allergens. Houstonian’s LOVE to get out and enjoy the festivities, concerts, BBQ and the animals!  While some of us Texans are very familiar with the day-to-day care of farm animals, the majority o...

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Man in pain with hand on his face.

“Help Me Get Rid Of This Sinus Headache!”

The term “Sinus-Headache” is common and used by many patients to describe facial pressure, headache, and sometimes nasal congestion.  Sinus Headache is actually a non medical term and more so describes how a patient is felling, i.e. symptoms.  This can be co...

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A Walk Down Medical Lane

Warning: The following post could send you down a rabbit hole of plastic surgery web-surfing. I don’t know about you, but at about 3pm, I hit a slump. My mind is fatigued, and my posture is slack. I am no longer productive. The only way out? Get sucked into a mesmerizing we...

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Helping Children Hear Around The World

The Choc family, mom dad and three children, arrived at the Obras Hospital clinic early Monday morning after traveling 5 hours from their village to see the doctor. The mom and dad are profoundly deaf as are all three children. They waited patiently all day to be seen by Dr. Caro...

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Quality & Our Future

Our world is getting smaller.  Advances in technology and communication create limitless possibilities for sharing information.  In the field of healthcare, otolaryngology practices such as ours have begun working to put themselves in a position in the future to share p...

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Woman sneezing into her elbow.

Why Add A General Allergist?

Texas Ear, Nose & Throat Specialists is dedicated to providing our patients with total care for diseases and disorders of the head and neck. The addition of a specialist in allergy and immunology is our latest effort to continue to fulfill this promise. Dr. Ronald Negrich is...

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Salvadore’s Story

At Texas ENT Specialists we believe in giving back and helping others in need.  Dr. Manish Wani, who sees patients in our Katy Methodist office, is one of many physicians that enjoys sharing his passion for world travel and medicine by serving others.  Dr Wani has trave...

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