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How Best to Avoid Allergies This Summer

Summer is here, which means swimming pools, camp, BBQs, and outdoor festivals. Now that spring is behind us, that means no more allergies, right? Wrong!

We associate allergy season with spring and fall, but summer is when grass blooms. If you suffer from allergies during the summer, it is generally because of grass pollen. Grass pollen is a relatively heavy pollen, so it does not travel long distances like tree and weed pollen. Its weight is a blessing as it remains mostly on the ground. Those that suffer from grass pollen allergies spend time near or on grass. To help assuage any symptoms, wear a mask while mowing or playing near grass. If grass pollen is inhaled, it causes congestion, itchy eyes, sinus drainage, wheezing, sneezing, and sinus pressure.

If you suffer from summer allergies, over-the-counter nasal sprays and antihistamines can help significantly if taken before grass pollen exposure. If your allergy symptoms remain, call your local Texas ENT office for relief.

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