It’s officially cold and flu season! If you’re like most people during these months, you’re trying desperately to keep yourself from getting sick. No one wants to have to call out of work, lie in bed for hours, and have to grab a tissue every five seconds.
Unfortunately, for some people, cold and flu medicine may not help when they’re feeling sick. If you’re already unwell or trying to keep from getting ill, here are three fantastic herbs that might be able to help you during this cold and flu season:


First, we have the lovely, widely-known plant called echinacea. Also known as “purple coneflower,” this stunningly beautiful plant packs a punch when it comes to preventing acute sickness and lessening the severity of illness. It is taken daily in small doses of a tincture form. Echinacea helps to support the immune system and has anti-viral properties. It is known to help lessen the duration and severity of the yearly flu virus. Most tinctures of plants, like echinacea, can be purchased online and should only be taken for a few weeks. Of course, always consult with your doctor before starting any herbs or supplements!


Secondly, we have a very curious-looking plant called mullein. Mullein is generally made into a tea or an infused oil. While the infused oil can be beneficial for earaches or minor irritation, mullein tea is fantastic for problems pertaining to the lungs. If you are suffering from a wet cough or mucus from a cold, a cup of mullein tea daily may help clear some of the passageways. It also has the added benefit of soothing a sore throat! If your doctor approves, adding a teaspoon of honey can amp up the flavor of the tea and soothe a roughed-up throat.


Lastly, we need to discuss a plant called the elderberry. Elderberry is a bush usually decorated with a glorious display of tiny, white flowers. In the fall, the plant produces small, purplish-red berries that are renowned for their anti-viral properties. Elderberries are known for possibly shortening the duration of the common cold and flu and lessen their severity. They are usually made into a syrup mixed with honey and taken as a preventative and when sick. Dosages vary dramatically for different people, so please talk with your doctor before starting any of these herbs. Elderberry syrup can be purchased online or in-store. It has a delightfully fruity flavor and is almost a joy to take or drizzle onto pancakes for an immune-boosting breakfast!

These three herbs are dear to many people’s hearts when the cold and flu season rolls around every year. It’s not advised to start any of these without proper medical guidance. They can be a fantastic addition to your arsenal — or medicine cabinet — against the illnesses of this season. Take a look into these plants and see for yourself. One herb, along with traditional medications, might be the answer to an otherwise awful cold.

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