Nasal congestion from a cold is uncomfortable, leaving you miserable. When you can’t breathe well, all you can think about is getting rid of symptoms. While no magic cure exists because antibiotics won’t help a virus, you can ease your condition with these remedies.

Food and drink

Instead of reaching for a soda when thirsty, opt for a hot or room temperature beverage; chilled drinks increase phlegm. Also, add a piece of lemon to hot water to increase vitamin C intake and flush through your system. The rising steam from your mug will ease congestion too.

Eat healthy, nutrient-rich foods, like green leafy vegetables, nuts, and fruit. Avoid cheese and milk, as they increase mucus production, but you can consume buttermilk or yogurt. Don’t eat unhealthy comfort foods loaded with sugar. While candies and cakes taste good, they reduce your immunity.

Steam inhalation

Get rid of that horrible clogged-up feeling. Fill a bowl with boiling water, add four or five drops of eucalyptus essential oil, and place your head over the steam with your eyes closed. Wear a towel over your head and the bowl so vapor doesn’t escape and take deep breaths.


It’s hard to breathe well because your nasal passages are inflamed, there’s more mucus than usual in your nose. However, do your best to breathe in through your nostrils and out through your mouth. The hairs in your nostrils filter impurities ensuring the air you pull into your system is clean. Also, if you inhale via your lips, your throat will become dry and sore.


Reduce activity and get extra rest. Save strenuous chores and exercise for when you are better and aim to go to bed early until your symptoms fade. Similarly, anxiety reduces your immunity, so relax and avoid stressors.

Nose still blocked after a week? If there’s a throbbing pain around your eyes or sinuses, an infection may be present, in which case visit your GP. However, if no complications arise, you are probably suffering from a regular cold, so rest, eat healthy food, and avoid most dairy products. At the same time, inhale steam with eucalyptus oil, avoid stress, and remember to breathe in through your nose, even if doing so is less comfortable than usual.

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