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A sinus drainage procedure treats sinus problems. Endoscopic sinus surgery is the most effective solution to alleviate blockages and difficulty breathing caused by sinusitis, leading to successful results.

What is Involved in Endoscopic Surgery?

Endoscopic surgery is a highly effective procedure that utilizes an endoscope and a small camera inserted into the body. The camera gives the surgeon an exceptional view of the internal organs, so it’s commonly used for sinus surgery and other surgical procedures. Additionally, fine instruments are inserted to perform the surgery from outside the body. Endoscopic surgery offers numerous benefits.

Curious About How Endoscopic Nasal Surgery is Performed? 

The surgeon skillfully inserts an endoscope through the patient's nostrils, providing a clear view of the area. Blockages are removed, and sinus drainage is improved by using specialized surgical instruments. The patient's safety is paramount, and the procedure is performed under general anesthesia. Precise execution is essential as the nasal area is delicate, and even the slightest mistake could be harmful. At Texas E.N.T Specialists, your safety is our number one priority.

Endoscopic Sinus  Surgery: What to Expect Before, During, and After

Before surgery, your doctor may prescribe antibiotics and steroids. Avoid aspirin and anti-inflammatory supplements for two weeks and quit smoking three weeks before and four weeks after. Tylenol is safe. 

During surgery, you'll likely receive general anesthesia, and it takes one to two hours for patients to recover in the recovery area and go home. 

Following surgery, you may experience slight bleeding and fatigue for up to two weeks. Pain relievers can help. Follow your doctor's instructions for a smooth recovery.

What Are the Benefits of Endoscopic Nasal Surgery?

If you've ever considered nasal surgery, you'll be interested to know that it has been proven effective in alleviating the symptoms and complications of nasal polyps, sinusitis, and septal deviations. Patients who undergo the procedure enjoy the following: 

  • easier breathing
  • reduced sinus pressure
  • and an end to chronic sinusitis. 

The primary objectives of sinus surgery are to minimize sinus infections' severity and occurrence, improve sinusitis's unpleasant symptoms, increase nasal airflow, and sometimes even enhance the patient's sense of smell.

Who is a Candidate for an Endoscopic Sinus Surgery?

If you're considering sinus surgery, you may wonder if you're an ideal candidate. While many nasal and sinus problems can be resolved through medication and other treatments, surgery is sometimes the best option. To be a suitable candidate for sinus surgery, the following are essential:

  • to have good overall health
  • to not smoke

It is crucial to have a complete comprehension of the potential advantages and hazards of the process.
In addition, you could be eligible for surgery. If you experience the following:

  • chronic sinusitis despite medical treatments
  • fungal infection of the sinuses
  • nasal or sinus polys
  • structural abnormalities in your nose or sinuses
  • a deep sinus infection that has spread to the bone
  • sinus cancer, or other illnesses

What is the Takeaway?

Endoscopic sinus surgery offers patients numerous advantages over other procedures. With an endoscopic camera, the surgeon can obtain a much clearer view of the targeted area, necessitating fewer incisions and, as a result, reducing the time required for recovery. Additionally, since the camera can be placed through the nostrils, external incisions are not necessary. The surgery is minimally invasive, allowing patients to go home on the same day. To determine the best treatment for your breathing difficulties and chronic diseases in this area, consult our providers at Texas E.N.T. Specialists to assist you in deciding if surgery is the optimal choice for you. Contact our highly qualified ENT Doctors today!

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