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The COVID pandemic has enabled excuses to get out of responsibilities like never before. No more pressure to see distant family members, get-togethers with tedious small talk are now a thing of the past, and nobody expects anyone to drive across town for anything these days. But if you’re using the quarantine to postpone important doctor’s appointments, we need a moment of your time. 

Doctor’s offices are seeing fewer and fewer patients these days. Even emergency rooms have noticed a decrease in visits, not because people are suddenly super healthy. Instead, some are afraid that a hospital or medical center visit could be an invitation for Corona Virus exposure.

Let us nip that urban legend in the bud. Medical establishments are the cleanest places you can be these days. Nobody does sterilization like a medical professional. We all wear masks, disinfect like crazy, and follow the 6 feet rule aggressively.

If you’re afraid to visit your ENT doctor, let us put your mind at ease. Chronic sinus infections are no joke. Don’t wait for the pandemic to pass before you visit your doctor. Now is not the time. First of all, you need to be in tip-top shape, while COVID is still a predominant concern. Contracting the virus with an underlying issue could make a COVID recovery very difficult. 

But wait, we’re not done convincing you. Of course, making it to the doctor when you’re not feeling well helps form a road to recovery, but it also will assuage your anxiety about the virus. Every cough, sniffle, or sore throat has us all on edge. Is that a sinus infection fever, or do I have COVID? 

Don’t stay up at night, staring at the ceiling, worrying about your health. Get your flu shot, take care of your general health, and keep your check-ups on the calendar. Your loved ones want you to be as healthy as you possibly can during this time. There is no need to worry about contamination at your doctor’s office. We have it covered. Call your healthcare professional now and make that appointment you keep putting off. 

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