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Welcome to our COVID Long Haulers Program!

COVID side effects are no joke. The fatigue, painful cough, loss of smell/taste, brain fog, and so much more are just a few symptoms that people experience with the virus. What we’ve come to find out, however, is that those symptoms often linger after patients have gotten over the illness.

It’s true. Our own Dr. Ronald J. Negrich claims malaise, sleepiness, the loss of smell and taste, and coughing can “linger, even though patients have recovered from the virus itself, for weeks or even months.” This is why we have started our new program – COVID Long Haulers.

This program was established to keep an eye on stubborn symptoms. It is crucial to keep an eye on a patient’s immune system during the pandemic. According to Dr. Negrich, it is essential to assess whether a person’s symptoms are a lingering effect of COVID or if the virus unmasked an underlying issue that the patient was not aware of. Negrich admits, “It’s not unusual for side effects to last a couple of weeks, but once they start lasting for 4-5 weeks, we need to look at other things to see why you’re not improving.”

The laundry list of Long Haulers check-ups is thorough: ear, nose, and throat checks, chest X-rays, lung check, CT scans, breathing tests, etc. No stone goes unturned, as it is our priority to make sure our COVID patients get healthy as soon as possible in a safe manner.

If you or a loved one still suffers from COVID side effects, call your local Texas ENT office and make an appointment today. Let us put your mind at ease and get you back to a healthy state, so you can ride out the rest of the pandemic like the rest of us – binging Netflix.

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