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Our dedicated team of hearing consultants is here to assess and tailor the perfect hearing solution for you, whether you're experiencing early-stage or profound hearing loss. We’re here to guide you through the spectrum of hearing loss treatments to find the one that suits you best. Beginning with a comprehensive hearing evaluation, we'll explore cutting-edge hearing solutions together, ensuring a seamless and comfortable experience. Count on us to empower you, restore your confidence, and help you rediscover the life you cherish!

Hearing Aid Options at San Antonio ENT

From entry-level to premium options, carefully curated to match your unique listening preferences and lifestyle demands.

Premium Medical Grade Hearing Aids

For patients seeking top-tier performance in dynamic environments, our premium medical-grade hearing aids deliver exceptional sound quality and discreet design. They are virtually invisible, blending seamlessly into daily life. Powered by cutting-edge technology, they optimize hearing capabilities, ensuring the pinnacle of sound quality and clarity.

  • Have easy conversations and feel comfortable in busy social settings
  • Enjoy outdoor activities without being bothered by wind noise
  • Customize your sound experience to fit your preferences
  • Get top-of-the-line technology with advanced streaming and a rechargeable option

Basic Entry-Level Hearing Aids

Designed for moderate to quiet listening environments, entry-level and over-the-counter hearing aids feature the newest integrated technology. Despite being a more cost-effective option, they provide effective and high-quality sound. These versatile hearing aids are suitable for a wide range of patients and offer various options to meet individual needs.

  • Experience the sounds of everyday life
  • Understand television clearly
  • Feel relaxed during casual conversations, while shopping, or in public spaces
  • Participate in most outdoor activities with ease
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Describe Your Communication Needs


You mostly have one-on-one conversations rather than being in large, noisy groups. You enjoy quiet chats, occasional shopping, watching TV, going to the movies, and talking on the phone.

Essential Tiered hearing aids:

  • Amplify direct conversations, but noisy backgrounds can still be difficult
  • May need manual adjustments for different environments
  • You still need to focus when listening in most situations
  • Convenient rechargeability for a full day of hearing


You are sometimes in places with more background noise, like socializing with friends or working in an office. You participate in meetings, small group discussions, and quiet restaurant settings and listen to lectures/sermons from a distance.

Standard Tiered hearing aids:

  • Help you hear more clearly in different environments
  • Adjusts between noisy settings with occasional manual tuning
  • You still need to focus when listening in some situations
  • Convenient rechargeability for a full day of hearing


You lead an active lifestyle and find yourself in various environments throughout the day. This may involve regularly attending large group gatherings, dining out at restaurants, and participating in meetings and celebrations.

Advanced Tiered hearing aids:

  • Improve your ability to hear and understand sounds in most environments
  • Automatically adapt to your surroundings as you move between different environments
  • Since the device processes more environmental sounds, it reduces the effort required for listening, giving you more energy
  • Convenient rechargeability for a full day of hearing


You have a busy and dynamic lifestyle, with frequent travel, a bustling social life, and a work environment that involves numerous meetings and conferences. You also enjoy attending sporting events, concerts, and other noisy listening environments.

Premium tiered hearing aids:

  • Amplify and deliver sound in a way that closely mimics natural listening
  • Offer customizable settings tailored to your specific hearing needs
  • Automatically detect and adapt to different environments for effortless hearing in all situations

Hearing Aid Styles

Receiver in Canal (RIC)

Receiver in the canal (RIC) styles are discreetly positioned behind the ear and are known for their comfort compared to other designs. The open design provides a more natural sound quality. 87% of our patients prefer this style.


  • Suitable for various levels of hearing loss
  • Compatible with smartphones and other devices
  • Comes with rechargeable and Bluetooth capabilities

Behind the Ear (BTE)

As the name implies, BTE (behind-the-ear) hearing aids are positioned behind the ear and are slightly larger than RIC hearing aids. They are connected to an earmold that delivers sound to the ear canal. 11% of our patients opt for this style.


  • These sturdy devices are usually recommended for patients with severe to profound hearing loss
  • They are a suitable choice for individuals with limited dexterity
  • Come with rechargeable and Bluetooth capabilities

In the Ear (ITE) or In the Canal (ITC)

ITE (in-the-ear) models are generally best for mild to moderate hearing loss. The device size is customized to fit the patient's ear canal. These devices come in different sizes and offer various features, such as a directional microphone, manual controls, and more. Only 1% of our patients prefer this style.


  • An ideal option for individuals who struggle to wear a BTE/RIC style hearing aid
  • Patients with nearly normal low-frequency hearing may feel a sensation of being "plugged up," known as occlusion
  • Certain models can connect to your smartphone for seamless technology integration

Completely in canal (CIC) / Invisible in the canal (IIC)

These hearing aids are inserted into the ear canal, making them the most discreet option. Often designed to match the color of the skin, these hearing aids blend seamlessly with the ear, providing a highly inconspicuous hearing solution. Only 1% of our patients have selected this style.


  • Nearly undetectable to others
  • Needs frequent battery changes
  • The small design may limit technology integration
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New to This Experience, or Eager to Discover More Choices?

Wherever you are in your hearing health journey, we are your lifelong hearing health consultants.

I am a first-time purchaser of hearing aids

Being a first-time buyer of hearing aids can be difficult. At San Antonio ENT, we have solutions and will assist you in exploring various options. Together, we will ensure you find the perfect hearing aid to meet your specific needs, helping you regain clear and effective hearing.

I already have hearing aids, but would like to explore other options

If you currently have hearing aids but are seeking an upgrade, we have options available for you. As your personal hearing specialists, we will collaborate with you to explore your hearing aid choices and ensure you find the ideal fit to enhance your hearing quality.

Next-Generation Hearing Device Technology

In the past, hearing aids only amplified sounds, often resulting in overly loud and unnatural noise that didn't adapt well to your surroundings. Today's hearing aids have evolved into smart devices that seamlessly integrate with your technology and automatically adjust to your needs. Our providers can help you find the best hearing aids for your active lifestyle. Some of the latest features of hearing aids include the following:

  • Integrative Technology: Bluetooth allows you to stream music, TV shows, movies, podcasts, and phone calls directly to your hearing aids.
  • On-the-Go Charging: Several of our hearing aids come with rechargeable batteries, enabling you to charge them from nearly anywhere. These batteries can be recharged in just a few hours, saving you time and money on replacements.
  • Multi-Directional Microphone Hearing: Instead of relying on just one microphone to amplify surrounding noise, modern hearing aids utilize multi-directional microphones to provide a more natural listening experience. These hearing aids use sensors to detect speech or noise in the environment and adjust accordingly.
  • Discreet Options: Modern hearing aids are crafted to seamlessly conform to the shape of your ear, ensuring a discreet and comfortable fit, even during extended wear.

Who Can Enjoy Better Hearing with Hearing Aids?

People of all ages, including adults and children, who experience hearing loss are potential candidates for hearing aids. During your initial visit at San Antonio ENT, our team can assess whether hearing aids would benefit your hearing.

Individuals with mild to severe or profound hearing loss may find relief and improved hearing through hearing aids. Our staff can conduct hearing tests to determine if hearing aids could enhance your ability to hear more clearly.

Hearing Aid Benefits

Hearing aids can enhance your ability to engage in conversations with loved ones fully, providing clearer understanding. Today's hearing aids are designed to be nearly invisible and not bulky or cumbersome. With this advanced technology, you can comfortably wear your hearing aids during all your regular activities and even enjoy them more.

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About San Antonio ENT

  • Personalized Treatment: We offer individualized care to address your specific ENT requirements.
  • Top-Rated Physician Network: Every location is equipped with a team of board-certified providers who have received fellowship training.
  • Centers of Excellence: We have created a smooth and seamless experience for our patients from beginning to end.
  • Continuity of Care: We are dedicated to providing comprehensive care and are committed to helping you attain long-term relief.

Your Hearing Aid Solution Awaits at San Antonio ENT

At San Antonio ENT, we collaborate with you to identify the most suitable type of hearing aid for your specific needs, whether a custom hearing aid or one of our other models. A critical consideration for every hearing aid user is the physical fit of the device. We will demonstrate how to fit them in or behind the ear comfortably.

Upon receiving your hearing aid, it will be adjusted and programmed to provide the appropriate level of amplification tailored to your needs. One of our audiologists will then assist you with the correct alignment and placement of the hearing aid based on the type and model chosen by you and your audiologist.

Adjustments will be made to ensure that the fit meets your comfort and amplification requirements.

Follow-up appointments are intended to help you seamlessly incorporate your hearing aids into your daily routine. During this period, we work with you to provide education and make any necessary adjustments to your new hearing device. Our audiologists will address any questions and provide additional materials if needed. We encourage our patients to consider our audiologists valuable members of their healthcare team—long-term partners in ensuring the best sound quality and comfort possible.

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Hearing Aids FAQ

If I have hearing loss in both ears, do I need one or two hearing aids?

If you have hearing loss in both ears, having a hearing aid for each ear is beneficial. Wearing a hearing aid in each ear helps localize or determine the direction of sounds in the environment and enhances your ability to understand speech in noisy settings.

Why can I hear people talking but not understand what they are saying?

If you can hear people talking but struggle to understand the words clearly, it is likely due to hearing loss. It is expected to lose the ability to hear high-pitched sounds (consonants) while still being able to hear low-pitched sounds (vowels). This type of hearing loss results in difficulty understanding speech clearly, especially in noisy environments such as restaurants or parties.

Do hearing aids help on the telephone?

Hearing aids improve one's ability to hear on the telephone. Our latest technology utilizes Bluetooth connectivity for cell phone use. Additionally, hearing aids can be equipped with a telecoil to amplify only the signal coming from the phone without amplifying the noise in the room.

Will hearing aids help me hear the TV better?

Hearing aids will enhance your ability to hear the television. While wearing your hearing aids, you should be able to set the television volume at a comfortable listening level for others and still hear it clearly.

What’s the life of a hearing aid? How long will they last?

Typically, a hearing aid lasts about 3 to 5 years with proper cleaning and maintenance. Annual hearing tests are recommended to determine if your current hearing aids remain within the appropriate prescription range. Lifestyle changes may also lead to recommendations to obtain new hearing aids.

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