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Our Practice Rooted in Our Dedication to Fostering Positive Patient Outcomes.

At San Antonio ENT, we're dedicated to helping patients achieve their best possible outcomes with every visit. While many practices share this goal, our distinctive features ensure we deliver. Our offerings feature an extensive network of 10 board-certified otolaryngologists and ENTs throughout the San Antonio region, emphasizing personalized care and a commitment to comprehensive treatment.

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San Antonio ENT addresses all ear, nose, and throat concerns for patients in the greater San Antonio area. We focus on seven main areas of expertise: allergy treatment, sinus care, ear health, audiology services, voice and swallowing disorders, head and neck conditions, and sleep disorders. Our mission is to provide effective, long-term relief for conditions that impact daily life.

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Allergies occur when the immune system reacts to substances in our environment, often perceiving harmless items as threats. They manifest in various forms, such as environmental triggers, food, and medications. At San Antonio ENT, our ENT specialists offer comprehensive allergy testing and treatment to effectively manage allergies and minimize their impact on daily life.

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The sinuses are hollow spaces around the nose and eyes essential for mucus drainage. Symptoms like facial pressure, congestion, reduced sense of smell, runny nose, throat irritation, headaches, and other discomforts may occur when they become blocked. Persistent issues can lead to chronic sinus infections. San Antonio ENT is dedicated to managing all your sinus concerns with specialized care and treatments.

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Quality sleep is crucial for preparing us for the day ahead. However, achieving a restful night can be challenging for patients struggling with sleep disorders. At San Antonio ENT, we specialize in diagnosing sleep issues and developing personalized treatment plans to help patients achieve their desired sleep.

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Audiology focuses on the study and treatment of hearing. Hearing loss can occur due to aging, medical conditions, or injuries. Fortunately, advancements have led to more solutions for hearing loss than ever before. San Antonio ENT collaborates with top audiologists and otolaryngologists to offer patients a wide range of options to improve their hearing.

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The ears are essential for hearing and balance. Ear problems can affect individuals at any stage of life, affecting communication and overall function. Our team of San Antonio ear doctors and staff provides thorough testing and diagnosis to support ear health and well-being.

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Head & Neck

The head and neck house glands crucial for regulating various bodily functions. Infections, swelling, or cancerous growths in these glands and surrounding tissues can disrupt bodily balance. San Antonio ENT collaborates closely with patients to diagnose these issues and develop personalized treatment plans to achieve lasting relief.

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Voice & Swallowing

Our voices are essential for communication with the world. When the voice or vocal cords are impaired, it can hinder effective communication. At San Antonio ENT, our specialized voice and swallowing team offers dedicated care for patients with disorders affecting the vocal cords, larynx, upper airway, and other vocal issues.

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Your Team of San Antonio Ear, Nose, & Throat Specialists

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Our Providers An integrated network of ENT experts and sub-specialists.

Throughout the years, we have developed an unmatched network of board-certified otolaryngologists in the greater San Antonio area. Our team recognizes the importance of internal collaboration, ensuring we deliver the highest quality care. This collaborative environment enables our providers to share cutting-edge clinical insights, medical advancements, and effective treatments. When you visit any of our providers, you gain access to a wealth of collective knowledge.

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I’m giving this place 5 stars

by Ashley F.

I’m giving this place 5 stars, and it’s very specifically about the level of care that Dr. Desai provides. He helped me speedily recover from an incredibly painful ear infection, and was great about explaining every step of my recovery.

We're grateful for this ENT Team!

by C. Patel

We're grateful for this ENT Team! The entire process - from registering as a new patient, to getting an appointment quickly, to arriving at the office the day of, to our visit with the nurse and Dr. Hung - was seamless and pain-free (no pun intended)!

My 3 year old daughter saw Dr. Bertino.

by Naomi

My 3 year old daughter saw Dr. Bertino. Friendly receptionist and medical staff. Doctor evaluated my daughter’s ears. He was nice, kind, and not at all intimidating. I appreciate his kindness and medical advice.

Amazing front staff and doctor.

by S. W.

Amazing front staff and doctor . Great customer service . The seating area is a little small but no issues with intake staff for appointments.

This location is great!

by Maribeth L.

This location is great! I highly recommend them. I called them because I could never get an answer or a hold of anyone at the Stone Oak location. I spoke with Dawn and explained to her my concerns, she had an appointment for me 2 days later.

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